Wildling Forest School Sunshine Coast

Kids sitting at Wildlings Forest School

Wildling Forest school is a range of programs for children of all ages to connect them back with nature while engaging them in experiences promoting independence, growing self-esteem, environmental awareness, connectedness and creativity. 

The services Wildling Forest school Offers: 

Kids sitting in a circle in the forest

Little Wildlings nature playgroup: 

A nature-based playgroup meeting in wild spaces around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane inspiring young children to develop a love for nature. 

Location: South Coast, North Coast, Hinterland and Woodfordia. 

Forest Kindy: 

Providing the time, space and the tools for children to learn new skills in nature through play. 

Location: Petrie Creek Burnside. 

Holiday programs:

A wide range of workshop engaging the children in hands-on activities immersing themselves in the outdoor. 

Some of the activities on offer: 

  • Primitive weapons. 
  • Bows and arrows. 
  • Boat and Raft building. 
  • Fire and bush cooking. 
  • Crystal and flower crowns. 

Location: Petrie Creek Burnside.  

Primitive weapon workshop

During this Forest school program, the children are given trust and guidance when needed. 

They are encouraged to use real tools to make a real solid primitive weapon handcrafted by their very own hands. 

a child making primitive weapon

Safety is clearly explained and some specific rules need to be followed. 

It is obvious to see that the children appreciate and respect the adults that allow them to take part in real experiences as they work on creating their own primitive weapon following their unique ideas and choice of technique. 

kids at forest school sunshine coast

These two young children interacted with the tools with such determination and concentration. 

The more opportunities children are given to practice real-life skills, the more confident they become in themselves and their own capacities.  

Benefits of Wildlings Forest School: 

The children at Wildling forest School are seeing immersing themselves fully in nature. 

A stick can become a fishing rod, a sword, a bridge, a wand and the youngsters of varied ages lead their adventure surrounded by an environment that nurtures creativity and feeds their imagination. 

kids fishing at forest school

Ideas are born and memories are created in this gorgeous green environment.  

Together they work towards a commune goal helping one another to complete their projects. 

forest school activities

A lot of learning occurs when children are given space, time and opportunities to take risks in an environment that supports their need and desire for adventure.  

Find the details for all programs and services offered by Wildling Forest school at: 


Wildlings Forest School, the team: 

Nicki Farrell and Vicci Oliver child’s right advocates, nature play, free play, risky play and adventure play advocates and protector of childhood. 

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