Where You Can Get Australian Frozen Berries

Pick your own strawberries Brisbane

There is some berry good news for Brisbane families that want to buy Australian frozen berries!

Matilda’s Frozen Berries

In early 2015, a number of Australians became ill with Hepatitis A after eating frozen berries that had been imported from China. Now, there is a delicious, healthy and safe option that supports Australian farmers. (Always read the labels to ensure your fruit is made from local, not imported ingredients.)

Until now, commercial quantities of 100% Australian-grown frozen berries have not been available. But third generation strawberry farmers Matt and Ruth Gallace have changed all that. They have launched Matilda’s Fruit – now supplying frozen raspberries and blueberries sourced from New South Wales and Tasmania, and strawberries sourced from their very own Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farms in Queensland and Victoria. All berries are hand-picked, washed, and then snap frozen at the brand new Matilda’s Fruit purpose-built facility in the Yarra Valley; guaranteeing no risk of cross-contamination.

Matilda's Frozen Berries

In many cases nuts are processed on the same site used to process other foods, which causes great concern for parents who have children with allergies. My daughter has anaphylaxis and I’m only too well aware of the need to ensure there is no chance of contamination. The beauty of having our own site means it’s only used exclusively for fruit, so there is nothing else processed on site.” says Ruth.

Matilda’s frozen strawberries have been available in Leo’s, IGS, FoodWorks and LaManna stores across Victoria since 1st December 2015, with Queensland, New South Wales and South Australian stockists following quickly behind. Find out more about Matilda’s Fruit.

First all-Australian frozen fruit and berry range hits Coles shelves in August 2016

Making frozen Australian fruit even more readily available to families, Matilda’s Fruit will be stocked in Coles Supermarkets for the first time in August 2016. Coles Supermarkets in Victoria will stock a frozen berry and fruit option that is 100 per cent Australian grown, processed and packaged.With any luck, Queensland Coles stores won’t be too far behind in stocking this Australian-grown alternative to fresh fruit.

Matilda's Frozen Berries

Pick your own berries in Brisbane

In and around Brisbane there are a number of farms that allow you to pick your own strawberries. This is a wonderful family activity for a weekend or school holiday and ensures your berries are as fresh as possible. If you pick more than you can eat, why not try freezing some for later, using our instructions below? There are also spots all around Brisbane where you can pick fruit for free, including mulberries, from plants on public land. Click here to read our story on where to pick free fruit in Brisbane, including a delicious recipe for mulberry crumble!

strawberry picking

How to freeze your own berries

If you grow your own or pick your own berries from a local farm or public place, it’s both convenient and economical to freeze any leftovers and use them later in cooking. Begin by choosing the freshest berries you can find – look for fruit that is plump, full and a good colour. Wash the berries and then drain. For strawberries, remove the hulls before freezing. Freeze in airtight containers or zip-lock bags. Try to get as much air as possible out of the freezer bag, to prevent freezer burn. Label and date the frozen fruit. You will then have delicious and healthy berries at the ready for baking, smoothies and snacking! Alternatively, pick up some frozen fruit from Charlie’s Fruit Market at Everton Park.

frozen fruit Charlie's Everton Park

For more berry goodness, read our reviews of Strawberry Fields and McMartin’s Strawberry Farm.


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