What to do on Ekka Wednesday according to Brisbane Kids

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What’s open for the Wednesday Ekka Show Holiday in Brisbane?

Looking for somewhere to take your Brisbane Kids as Brisbane celebrates the Ekka Show holiday on Wednesday 11 August this year? We have put together a list below of awesome activities that you and your Brisbane kids can do on this mid-week public holiday.

Remember that there will be things open in shires that don’t celebrate the Brisbane show holiday like Redlands, Ipswich and the Moreton Bay Region and you will find most shopping centres open as well. As with all events, regardless of their regular Wednesday scheduling, you should check with the link provided in our Event Calendar to ensure that nothing has changed.

EKKA 2021

ekka animal nursery lamb

Get excited as the country makes its way to the city for the Royal Queensland Show! Look forward to the ever popular baby animal farm, wood chopping, horse jumping and whip-cracking plus all the excitement of sideshow alley, carnival rides, live entertainment, show bags and the EKKAnites fireworks spectacular. The Ekka runs from the 7 August though util the 15 August with Wednesday 11 August being People’s Day. Just note this year all tickets must be purchased online for your selected date and ticket numbers are capped each day to stay in line with COVID restrictions. 

● Where:  Brisbane  Showgrounds, Bowen Hills

● Cost: From $20 per person, $80 per family and FREE for kids aged 4 years and under

 Visit:  www.ekka.com.au 

Cleveland Central Crazy Superhero Day 

If you want an alternative to Ekka this year, head to Cleveland Central shopping centre for the exciting Crazy Day festivities on Wednesday August 11, 2021!  The main attraction of this annual family-friendly event is the Superhero Meet & Greets with Spider-Man and Thor, plus there will alos be Superhero Caricatures, a Superhero Magic Show, a Superhero Disco Party, mask making, costume parade and more. 

● Where: Cleveland Central

● Cost: Free

Visit: https://www.clevelandcentral.com.au/whats-on

Light Play

Lightplay for kids ipswich art gallery

Enter the dazzling world of LightPlay where children can explore their artistic potential in an interactive space created especially for them! Play with overhead projectors and illuminated light boxes and discover what happens when light is cast on different materials. Explore transparency, reflection and shadow as well as other properties of light. See the Children’s Gallery transform into a constantly evolving light scape before your very eyes!

LightPlay embraces the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and REmida to provide a creative environment for young children which encourages collaborative play, experimentation and discovery-based learning.

Grand Avenue State School EKKA Fun Day

fireworks and rides

Bring the whole family along to Grand Avenue State School for a day full of fun. There will be rides, showbags, an animal farm, face painting, games, over 50 market stalls, a reptile show, amazing food, fireworks display and much more.

The Gifting Tree


The Gifting Tree’ brings together the work of Sonia Chitrakar, Archana Kumari and Kamta Tahed, three contemporary Indian artists who use bright colours, pattern and storytelling in different ways.

Each artist has created a painting or drawing that references the importance of trees in supporting life. ‘The Gifting Tree’ refers to a divine, life-giving tree otherwise known as Kalpavriksha, which appears in many religions and stories throughout India.

Children can reflect on their own experiences of trees through two hands-on activities. Taking inspiration from the artists’ work, children are invited to draw a picture about the importance of planting trees and add their response to a cumulative display in the exhibition space. Children can also make a drawing of a problem-solving fantasy tree.

Brickman Wonders Of the World

Golden Gate Bridge made from Lego.

Experience more than 50 awe-inspiring displays brought to life in incredible detail. From Asia, Europe, America, the Ancient Wonders, Technology and Transport, and the Great Barrier Reef, see if you can find: 

  • The heaviest – The Titanic at 120 kilograms
  • The longest – Tokyo subway map at 4.65 metres long
  • The most bricks – Flying Scotsman steam engine at 164,611 bricks
  • The tallest – The Space Shuttle from this year’s LEGO Masters Australia at 4 metres tall
  • The most time consuming to build – St Basil’s Cathedral at 320 hours. 

Discover the secrets behind how these epic constructions were built, brick by brick. Then create your own masterpiece!  

The Storytellers

Step into The Storytellers and uncover the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by the contemporary writers of our city.

Featuring new stories by Victoria Carless, Simon Cleary, Matthew Condon, Trent Dalton, Nick Earls, Benjamin Law, Hugh Lunn, Kate Morton and Ellen van Neerven, The Storytellers creates an immersive and interactive experience combining historical objects, artworks, and written and narrated histories to share Brisbane’s many identities.

In addition to these events, for other ideas on things to do on Ekka Wednesday, you should check out:

Remember – you don’t have to go anywhere at all to have a brilliant day with your kids. They just want your company, your attention and lots of cuddles. We wish you a wonderful day building memories with your kids.


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