What Is Spelling City?

spelling city

Spelling City is an award winning game based learning tool for spelling, vocabulary and writing.

Spelling City can be downloaded as a companion app for the Spelling City website and  can provide an opportunity for students to learn their weekly spelling lists, whilst having fun at the same time.

Featuring activities for Prep to Year 12 , class spelling lists can be loaded on to the classroom page on the Spelling City website by the teacher, and the children can review their words through the use of spelling games which also helps to reinforce their learning.

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The Benefits of Spelling City

1. Spelling City is Fun

Spelling City is all about engaging kids and in turn teaching them word and letter recognition at a level that challenges them with games that make them smile. Combined with the possibilities of uploading class spelling lists, this is an app that has the potential to teach kids in a different manner than a classroom ever can. Will it replace a teacher? NO, of-course it wont, but it will reach kids that perhaps can’t be reached in other ways and it will engage children once class is over for the day. It is ideal for the busy parent who needs to make dinner but wants to provide the kids with something that will stimulate, educate and engage at the same time.

2. It’s a spelling tool that can be used on lots of devices anywhere anytime

Spelling city can be used on a tablet, smart phone, interactive whiteboard, lap top or desktop computer. Its good to be able to make it less about the device and more about what they are learning. This is ideal for kids who become fixated on tablets or computers. Spelling City can be used waiting for a doctor’s appointment, revision in the car, the app can be used at anytime and anywhere.

3. Adapted to your Child’s Pace

If your child struggles with spelling and vocabulary, they can revise words from different year levels to help reinforce learning, alternatively they can advance to higher year levels if looking for a challenge.

4. Immediate Feedback

The key to success! Students are provided with immediate feedback from their activities and don’t have to wait until a teacher or parent are immediately available to correct.

5. Reinforce and Consolidate Learning

Teachers and /or parents can create customised spelling lists within the app to practice words they are studying at school or home. It helps to reinforce literacy skills with vocabulary and spelling including word recognition, multiple exposures, word meanings and writing practice. This is an awesome idea for the busy parent that wants to provide periods of learning within the home with minimum supervision. The game reinforces the learning and the parents can reinforce the effort, improvement and results.

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6. Prep – Year 12

Although senior school students may not necessarily have spelling lists to learn and review, it is a handy vocabulary resource for senior students.

7. Audio Component

By listening to audio playback for each word, children can hear how the word could be used in a context rich sentence. And it helps those children who have difficult comprehending words and the spoken language. This is ideal for kids going through speech therapy as a compliment to other methods of word recognition.

8. Sample lists

The sample lists of words include a wide variety; including maths and science words, compound words, sound-alike words, analogies, and prefix/suffix words.

Although Spelling City has been designed for Prep-Year 12, it may be a little difficult for those starting school and learning to read to navigate the app, but it won’t take long! The sample lists of words include a wide variety including maths and science words, compound words, sound-alike words, analogies, and prefix/suffix words.

5. VocabularySpellingCity ($34.95 on iTunes and Android)

VocabularySpellingCity has a range of games to keep your child engaged, using any word list. Kids can practice spelling tests, play hangman style games. Missing letters and alphabetising are just the beginning. Kids can then move on to unscramble words and sentences. This is one of the best spelling apps for kids because you can also create your own spelling lists by registering (for free) at www.spellingcity.com. For the app you need a paid premium membership which opens up 35+ activities including spelling, vocabulary, phonics, and writing to be played on desktop or mobile devices.

For further information, go to Spelling City. We also created a list of commonly used spelling apps too.


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