What is open on Christmas Day in Brisbane

what is open on chrristmas day

If businesses and services are going to be closed any day of the year, chances are it is going to be on Christmas Day. For this reason, many people assume that if you want to go out and do something with the family or if you find yourself in desperate need of a particular service that it will have to wait another 24 hours before you can do so. 

The good news is there are actually quite a few places and services that are opening and operating on Christmas Day.  Below is a list of the places you can visit, the activities you can do and the services that are available.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has been voted one of the Top 10 Zoos in the World by AOL and is the only theme park/zoo open on Christmas Day in and around Brisbane.  It is the perfect place to visit with international relatives where they can cuddle a koala, feed kangaroos and do it all surrounded by a beautiful, natural setting.

Parks and Rides

If you are in search of a beautiful green space with playgrounds, beaches, cliffs and giant wheels, then look no further than the following Brisbane landmarks – all of which are open on Christmas Day.


Relaxing in the cool air-conditioned cinemas on a scorching hot summer’s day sounds like a pretty ideal way to wind down after the often hectic and loud Christmas morning festivities.  The following cinemas are open on Christmas Day this year.

Fast Food

Usually there is an abundance of leftover goodies to last you through the rest of the week, but if you find yourself with a craving that doesn’t include pudding and potato salad than you will be able to sneak away to the following fast food outlets.

  • Red Rooster (limited trading hours)
  • Dominos (with 20% surcharge)
  • McDonalds

Restaurants / Cafes

There are many restaurants and cafes that are open on Christmas Day and ready to take the hard work of cooking and preparing a Christmas lunch or dinner feast off your hands.  Most of them also include visits from Santa and some surprise gifts and fun as well.  To book, check out our list of where you can have Christmas lunch in Brisbane this year.

After-Hours Medical

If you find yourself in need of a medical professional on Christmas Day (and we hope you don’t!) we have a full list of after-hours medical doctors here.

Food and General Supplies

Although the big chains like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi are closed on Christmas Day, many Foodworks and IGA stores remain open over the Christmas Period.  To find out if your local one is open, contact them via the below links.

Whether it is to explore our great city with visitors, an opportunity to make the most of a holiday or to duck out and grab some last-minute supplies – hopefully the list above will have you covered this Christmas Day.

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