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Most children would rather head to the playground instead of a shopping centre but at Westfield North Lakes you can do both! The ‘Under the Sea’ playground is the perfect place to take a break and let your little ones run free.

Westfield North Lakes Playground The Fun

Being able to break up a shopping trip with a bit of playtime is a welcome respite for both children and parents so with this in mind Westfield North Lakes has created an awesome ‘Under the Sea’ themed outdoor playground that is a destination in itself. The playground is suitable for Brisbane Kids of all ages and features some very cool play equipment. In the centre of the playground is the bespoke Corocord Majestic Tower, a 9-metre spire with climbing nets and ropes that lead to a viewing platform and an enclosed spiral slide. Next to the tower is the Little Mermaid and Ugly Duckling digitally interactive play unit that has multiple levels and combines the physical challenges of climbing sections, fireman pole and slide with fairy tales and virtual games. Toddlers will love the stay and play area with mini climbing frame, doorways and windows, knobs and handles to move and turn as well as a low seat to sit and rock on. There’s also the oversized seesaw with dolphins and sharks on the sides that will entertain little ones that love to bounce up and down.

The enclosed playground is partly covered by a roof and sits on vibrant green patterned rubber softfall that mimics coral shelves with turtles and fish ‘swimming’ around. The fish and seahorse art scattered through the garden beds and on the walls along with the lush hanging plants help create a tropical reef atmosphere. Surrounded by plenty of seating including deck chairs, loungers, stools and tables the playground is a little oasis where you can stop for a snack or enjoy a coffee while the kids’ play. Also within the playground is the Party Pod, a space available for hire for parties of up to 20 children.

Imagination Factor

Brisbane Kids can climb the Corocord Majestic Tower and pop up at the top like they are emerging from a submarine then slide back down to their underwater lair. On top of the Little Mermaid and Ugly Duckling play unit children can pretend they are sailing the high seas on a ship then dive down below to explore the ‘coral reef’. There is also the interactive stories and virtual games to enjoy on the Ugly Duckling side of the play unit. The large bouncy seesaw will give the sensation of riding the waves with dolphins.

Special Needs Factor at Westfield North Lakes Playground

Most of the playground surface is flat allowing for easy pram and wheelchair access. There are toilets, disabled toilets and parents’ room in the shopping centre. Disability and Parents with Prams parking spaces are also available in the car park.

Westfield North Lakes Playground The Facts

  • Fully enclosed playground
  • Partly sheltered
  • Softfall base
  • Slides
  • Bouncy rocker seesaw
  • Corocord Majestic Tower
  • Climbing nets & ropes
  • Toddler stay & play area
  • Table and chairs
  • Car park
  • Toilets, including disabled toilets and parents room in the shopping centre

Other great north-side Brisbane playgrounds are Aurora Boulevard Park in North Lakes and John Oxley Reserve in Murrumba Downs.

Westfield North Lakes Playground is located the corner of Anzac Ave and North Lakes Drive at North Lakes.

Thanks to Urban Play for these images.

This park review was updated in 2016.

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