West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep – A nurturing and caring kindy

West Chermside C and K Pre Prep

Kindergarten, or pre-prep, is a special time in the life of any child – a time of making friendships, discovering the world around them, learning through play and creating.

The staff at West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep have been nurturing and educating local children (aged between 3 ½ and 4 ½ years) for almost 50 years.

Offering a play-based curriculum and excellent facilities, children thrive as they explore, play and interact in the kindy’s caring learning environment.

West Chermside C&K Pre Prep

What to expect at West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep

West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep is a small, community-run, non-profit organisation. The centre is managed by a committee of parents and is staffed by professional early childhood educators.

Their pre-prep program is run over a five day fortnight and focuses on each child’s developmental needs. Children are supported as they explore their own ideas, interests and needs while acknowledging and respecting others. The staff believe that each child is unique and encourage them to reach their full potential in a happy, safe environment.

West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep operates during school terms between the hours of 8.40am and 2.50pm. Several local daycare providers offer a pick up and drop-off service to the centre for after hours care. The centre’s two groups each attend five days per fortnight, and the kindy calendar is configured to ensure that groups at both ends of the week attend a minimum of 600 hours per year.

West CHermside C&K Pre-Prep

The curriculum and philosophy of West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep

A flexible play-based, child-centred program based on C&K’s Building Waterfalls curriculum is provided for the children. This includes periods of free play, where each child’s ideas are recognised and extended in both indoor and outdoor environments. Group sessions occur throughout the day, focusing on language development, numeracy, music and movement.

West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep is affiliated with the Creche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland (C&K), a central governing body which sets the standard for early childhood education in Queensland. Affiliation with C&K ensures that the centre reaches high standards in the educational program, staff qualifications, safety and resources.

West Chermside Kindy

Facilities at West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep

Both the indoor and outdoor environments of the kindy are dynamic areas, changing in response to the children’s ideas and interests. Children gain a sense of ownership and competence as they build their own unique play spaces.

The indoor area provides opportunities for individual and group learning. Open-ended materials and equipment are used in a variety of ways as the children exchange ideas, pose and solve problems, and develop foundations for life skills.

The outdoor areas provide a variety of interesting, safe play spaces to maximise children’s creativity and participation. The environment includes large shady trees, natural grass, pet chickens and garden beds, allowing children to incorporate nature into their play and learning.

As a community-run centre, parents have the opportunity to be involved, including:

  • parent roster days
  • sharing any skills which may benefit the program, for example playing a musical instrument or cooking
  • grounds maintenance
  • the parent committee, which manages the centre.

Brisbane northside kindy

How to enrol at West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep

To secure a place for your child, phone the office on (07) 3359 3398, or email [email protected] The centre is located at 145 Maundrell Terrace, West Chermside. For more information about the kindy, you can visit their website.

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