Mount Glorious Walking Tracks

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The Mount Glorious walking tracks are as child friendly as they are beautiful. You will find it hard to believe such a magical rainforest exists so close to Brisbane with its majestic strangler figs and exquisite sounding whip birds.  

The perfect rainforest walk for kids

Located north-west of Brisbane city in South D’Aguilar National Park (formerly Brisbane Forest Park), Mount Glorious is the heart of 28,500 hectares. All plants are protected in the park, and there are over 800 species – some of which are threatened varieties.

There is a range of walking tracks at Mt Glorious to suit all fitness/age levels, with the most popular track being around 5km in length. Pack a picnic to fuel the kids up, and enjoy one of the many picnic areas available before embarking on your chosen journey.

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Maiala Walking Tracks

Maiala means “quiet place” in the local Aboriginal dialect and the moment you walk into the rainforest the temperature will drop, the air will crispen and all will go silent to make way for the sounds of the forest. Maiala at Mount Glorious refers to a group of walking tracks of varying lengths that all begin at the Maila Day use area. 

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Lots of opportunities to talk about protecting our National Parks

Shorter Walking Tracks for Toddlers

The Rainforest Circuit Time: 1 hour

One of the most popular tracks in the area is the rainforest circuit featuring a 2km round circuit that is perfect for little legs. What you can expect is either going down a hill to walk back up into the circuit or the opposite. There are stairs when climbing up or walking down and in most steep areas there are handrails. There were a few sections where we felt the need to hold hands with our toddler as we walked on steep edges but we have been on this track with a 3 year old who managed it quite well. Just be mindful that it is not pram friendly and it can get muddy post-rain (although arguably this is one of the best times to visit a rainforest).

Longer walking tracks for kids

Cypress Grove Track Time: 1.5 hours

Just slightly further than the Rainforest Circuit, the Cypress Grove Track is a circuit (accessed at the end of the Rainforest Circuit) that takes walkers through a cypress grove. 

Greenes Falls Walk Time: 2 hours

You can take a longer falls walk of around 3km’s on top of the 1 km in of the circuit. It is probably a little bit far for young toddlers unless you are willing to rest at the falls, perhaps with lunch and a break to refuel. We have (more than once) carried a toddler on the return journey. While only 30 minutes more than the Cypress Grove walk, it is a lot steeper and more challenging for little legs.   

Mount Glorious wildlife

Mount Glorious is home to a range of animal life and the quieter you are, the more likely you are to meet their acquaintance. Many of the animals are nocturnal but if you head up to Mount Glorious for a picnic breakfast, you might just be lucky enough to catch some of the resident nocturnal creatures before they head off to bed.  

Animals to look and listen out for

  • Pademelons (mainly first thing in the morning)
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Butterflies
  • Huge snails
  • Possums
  • An incredible range of birds (several that dwell and move on the ground). This is a helpful list to help you as you try to spot them

Nocturnal life  

Camping is available in certain areas along the Mount Glorious Range (for a fee), and at more remote places (though not in the actual Maiala park), so why not pack your camping gear and treat your family to witnessing these active Australian critters on their home turf? There is a link at the bottom of the page that will help you find a camping spot in the area. 

close up of possum

Things to know before you go

    • There are no bins along walking tracks or in the park, most likely to prevent these nocturnal animals tucking into human scraps, so bring a rubbish bag and teach your kids a valuable lesson about preserving the wildlife we are lucky to have.
    • There are 3 cafes on Mount Glorious but no shops so pack for what you will need. 
    • It is colder up on the mountain so dress warmly and take another layer.
    • If it even looks like it could rain, take an umbrella.
    • Don’t wear your best shoes, especially post-rain and check for leeches (fun!) upon your exit from the park. 
    • The Maiala day-use area has reopened (as of the 23rd May 2020) and features picnic areas with BBQs, modern toilets and lots of lush green grass for family get-togethers. 

How to get there

It takes about 45 minutes to get to Mount Glorious via Mount Nebo from the Gap or 25 minutes from Eatons Hill through Samford (or you can come via Ferny Grove through Samford). The Maiala day-use area is along Mount Glorious Road, on the right-hand side coming from Brisbane. It is well signed. The road up is steep and can be slippery if it is raining so just take it easy as you go up. All roads are sealed. 

If you look at the map below you will see the Maiala Car Park. There is ample room for dozens of cars although on weekends and holidays it can fill up. There is also parking a little further up on the left-hand side (known as the Western Window Trailhead). 

For further information, we encourage you to head to, where you can also find information on the other walking tracks in D’Aguilar National Park.

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