Venman Bushland National Park

Family bush walks are a brilliant way to spend time together and get out into the great outdoors.   Start with short, easy walks and progress from there. When done regularly, children quickly become avid walkers and love to explore. This is a healthy and fun way to create childhood memories to last a life time.

A Walking Trail for Brisbane Families

Recently we set off to Venman Bushland National Park on West Mount Cotton Road in Mount Cotton to do a moderate walk for small children (a Class 3 walking trail). This walk crosses Tingalpa Creek a few times and has various uphill and downhill parts. Although we took our off road stroller and managed, this is not a track that is easily navigated with wheels, as we had to carry the stroller over the creek crossings.


We set off on the Tingalpa round track from the car park. The round trip is 2.5km and is recommended to take approx. 1.5 hours. The track is well maintained and the creek crossings have stepping stones, however sturdy footwear is a must.


Our children enjoyed making the track into a wildlife adventure and check point race. This got them from one section to the next without getting tired or fed up. As this forest is a haven for many types of birds as well as koalas and sugar gliders, the children were busy trying to find one or all of these animals. They also enjoyed spotting insects and peeling back the layers of bark from the paper bark trees. Some parts of the track were a little boggy from recent rain, but this just added to the children’s adventure as they tried to make a bridge across this using fallen tree branches and bark.  The creek had small fish to spot, and the crossings are quite a bit of fun. Jumping from one stepping stone to the next our children’s confidence grew and they spent quite some time going over and back.


Once we returned to the carpark, we enjoyed a picnic and watched the wallabies munching on the surrounding grassed areas. It was a great walk and an enjoyable lunch with some local wildlife.

Venman Bushland National Park Facilities

This national park has picnic facilities that include wood barbeques and a toilet. Although tap water is available it needs to be boiled, so take plenty of pre-filled drinking bottles. It is a good idea to be prepared when doing any bush walk, this includes having water, food and a means of communication should you get lost or injured. A small first aid kit is also helpful in your day pack—especially if it contains band aids for tumbles and Stingose for insect bites. Always inform another person of your intentions and expected return time.


Learn more about Venman Bushland

Further information about Venman Bushland National Park can be found here:

A detailed park map can be printed here:

Venman Bushland National Park is located approximately 40 km south of the Brisbane CBD on West Mount Cotton Road in Mount Cotton.

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