Pringo Portable Photo Printer with WIFI | THE REVIEW

Wireless photo printing

Who else has hundreds of photos stored on their smartphone? Surely it’s not just me! I take all these photos, but never get around to doing anything with them. If you’re the same then you’re going to love, love, LOVE what I just found! And it’s great for so much more than just happy snaps and selfies! It’s a Pringo Portable Photo Printer and it is awesome!

What’s Pringo?

Wireless photo printing

Pringo is super small and lightweight instant photo printer. Actually, it’s the world’s first portable printer using WiFi to connect with smartphones, tablets and other iOS and Android devices! You just connect your device via WiFi to access your photos or sync Pringo with your cloud albums and you can print professional quality wallet-sized photos anytime, anywhere.

The Pringo App

Wireless photo printing

There is also a cool and FREE Pringo App that is available on the App Store or Google Play. You can use it to custom edit your photos, add text to them, and enhance them with the various choices of creative stamps, filters and borders that they offer. It’s really easy to use, with member login to a secure WiFi connection, printout counts and the option to print in colour or with a special silver layer to make your photos really shiny and bright.

What can I use a Pringo Portable Photo Printer for?

Wireless photo printing

Pringo is great for so many things, here are a few ideas to get you started –

Getting your memories offline

Unleash your photos of special moments from your smartphone or tablet by finally being able to print them without the hassle of going to a print shop or the delay of ordering prints online.

The benefits of a Polaroid

Get all the benefits of having a Polaroid camera by being able to print your photos instantly. This is great for sharing photos with family and friends while they are there, so you don’t have to email, text or post photos to them later. Imagine being able to visit a grandparent in a nursing home and give them a family photo on the spot!


Create instant images for your scrapbook using Pringo and the Pringo App or any other picture editing App you like.

Creating wallet photos

Pringo photos are a similar size to a credit card, so they are great for keeping special snaps close to hand in your wallet.

Printing trade photos

Tradies can use Pringo to take photos onsite and create prints for their portfolios instantly.

Homework help

A super easy way to print photos to record tasks the kids have done as homework or other home assignments.

Making business cards

You can even make business cards with your picture and text added using the Pringo App.

This is definitely going on the top of my wishlist! What about you?!

The Pringo Portable Photo Printer is available online from Get more Pringo inspiration by following the Pringo Facebook page.




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