Underwood Park in Priestdale | A Park for Families

Underwood Park Spielart Playground

The wide range of facilities found at Underwood Park, including the awesome Funderwood Hollow adventure playground, makes this park ideal for families with Brisbane Kids of all ages.

Underwood Park – The Fun

Underwood Park is a lovely spacious park with heaps of attractions to suit all ages. There are several playgrounds throughout the park, including a unique Spielart adventure playground and a second large playground that is protected by colourful shadesails. Funderwood Hollow, officially unveiled on 1st July 2014, has been designed for children aged 5 to 16 years and features a fairytale feel with castle-themed towers high above the ground. The design has been based on children’s drawing depicting their own ideas for a fantasy playground brought to life. A range of challenging equipment has been created from durable and natural materials for Brisbane Kids to explore, including climbing nets, rope bridges and a climbing wall, the towers of which are up to five metres high and nestled amongst the trees.

Additional features of Underwood Park include a pedal-powered monorail track that is always popular, as is the fying fox. Climbing nets, slides, swings and play structures provide variety for Brisbane Kids. The BMX track is awesome for older Brisbane Kids, being home to competitions on a regular basis. Other fun attractions of Underwood Park include a dog off-leash area, netball courts and basketball half-court. There are many sheltered tables in the park, and several wood and electric barbeques provided. There’s also a lagoon nearby.

Imagination Factor

The awesome Funderwood Hollow Spielart playground provides many opportunities for kids to test themselves with the increasingly more challenging equipment, in order to encourage them to make informed decisions and to develop resilience in a safe and secure environment. The fairytale theme is perfect for make-believe games of princesses, knights and scary dragons. The monorail track at Underwood Park is great for younger Brisbane Kids who are not quite up to using the BMX track. Here they can imagine they are zooming around on their own bikes, burning heaps of energy as they go. The flying fox will see your little monkeys swinging through the jungle and there are lots of trees scattered throughout to explore.

Special Needs

Underwood Park does have toilet facilities for the disabled. There are many paths suited to wheelchair and pram use. The playgrounds are unfenced and the park is shaded by trees throughout the day. There is also a generous carpark.

Underwood Park – The Facts

  • Disabled toilet facilities
  • Several unfenced playgrounds on sand base
  • Funderwood Hollow – a unique Spielart adventure playground
  • Forts
  • Robe bridges
  • Climbing walls
  • Towers
  • Shadesail over some play equipment
  • Climbing nets
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Pedal-powered monorail track
  • Flying fox
  • BMX track
  • Basketball half-court
  • Netball courts
  • Bike path
  • Several wood and electric BBQs
  • 6 shelters with tables near playground
  • Shade trees
  • Grassy open space
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Generous carpark

Another great Brisbane Playground nearby is Springwood Park.

NOTE: Funderwood Hollow, The NEW Spielart adventure playground opened at Underwood Park on 1st July 2014. Check out the photos in the photo gallery below to see the awesome new equipment! For even more photos of the new playground, click here.

Underwood Park is located on Underwood Road in Priestdale.

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  1. rbrenner says:

    Playmates not Opponents
    What if our parks, schools and recreation centers advanced the notion of playmates rather than opponents? Imagine innovative sports in society created not for rivalry but for cooperation, for “play alongside” rather than “play against” others! What if we rewarded skill improvement, the enhancement of talent and growth in self esteem, and not winning, losing and “beating others”? Play with purpose is a slogan ever more relevant in our day.
    Research has indicted violent video games, certain music and gruesome Tarantino-like films for inciting murderous behavior by disturbed persons. But let’s not overlook our contact and aggressive sports at which violence, bullying and intimidation predominates and determines outcome. Those sports based on strength, stamina, size and gender are particularly combat-oriented. Sport derives ultimately from Sparta, a warring society. Research suggests (Emily Bazelon, Barbara Coloroso on bullying; Alfie Kohn’s book, “No Contest”) rivalry is at the root of much community violence and contact-competitive games are responsible for advancing conflict.
    Bowling, golf & particularly Bankshot Sports, created for school children to play self-competitively and without having to defeat others, are the exceptions among ball-playing play venues. Exceptions aside, our sports and ball playing games are, with these few exceptions far more oriented towards defeating others – “beating,” others – rather than improving skills. Social studies show that aggression is not sublimated by violent sports. School playtime need not cultivate team sports or ball games with opponents to defeat. Admittedly, we cannot entirely do away with contact-competition against others. But for the sake of balance, communities would do the right thing as a matter of social justice and human rights, with the emplacement, in our schools and nearby parks, ball-playing sports designed for cooperative play-participation – not eternally against opponents to defeat but alongside play mates.

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