Amazing Home Decorating Ideas with Lego

Not a DIY expert or gearing up to complete in the next round of The Block? Never fear! We have found some super easy and economical ways for you to decorate your home with something you’ve probably already got tonnes of – LEGO! Some of these decorating ideas are not for the faint-hearted and most will definitely be considered all-out awesome by the die-hard Lego fans, but we think there are some pretty cool ideas for everyone here.

Lego Soap Dispenser

Make washing hands fun with this easy to create Lego liquid soap pump. We found full instructions at

Lego Soap Dispenser

Lego Tree Art

Combine paint and Lego to create a unique masterpiece. Perfect for the playroom or kid’s bedrooms. We found this one at

Lego Tree Art

Lego Key Holder and Keyrings

Never lose your keys again with this click on Lego key holder! Check out for some inspiration.

Lego Key Holder

Lego Lamp

Light up your living space with a table lamp that will be the focal point of many conversations. This Lego lamp was created by and is available to purchase online.


The Lego Safe

Keep all of your valuables secure in this real safe that was created by It even has a motion detecting alarm!


Lego Calendar

This is not like the Lego advent calendars you can buy from the shops every Christmas. This Lego calendar from is 100% functional and can be used every month of the year. We love that you can have little Lego characters to represent each member of the family!

Lego Calendar

Lego Name Plaque

Let everyone know whose room it is with a Lego name plaque. We like this one found on

Lego Name Plaque

Lego Calm Down Jar

Not only pretty, this Lego calm down jar made by is useful when tantrums hit. They’ve even included full instructions to make your own.


Lego Jewellery Box

What lady wouldn’t love to be presented with an engagement ring in a box made out of Lego?! Perhaps if it was a handmade gift from her son or daughter it would be different. These ones are available to buy from

Lego Jewellery Box

Lego Kitchen Utensil Holder

Bring a splash of colour into the kitchen with a homemade Lego kitchen utensil holder. We found this one via

Lego Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Decorating with Lego

Or you could go all out and create a Lego counter for your kitchen like this one we found via!!!


Usually a pain in the foot, Lego does have many other uses within the home. Have you found a use for decorating with Lego that we haven’t covered here? Please feel free to let us know via our Facebook page!

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Find even more Lego inspiration on our Lego board on Pinterest.

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