Twelve Dancing Princesses | Brisbane January / March 2018


Brisbane Arts Theatre has once again brought to life a family favourite as The Twelve Dancing Princesses hit the stage this season in a flurry of colour, music and twirls.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Twelve Dancing Princesses is a must see production for any child that loves to dance and who also loves princesses!  An adaption of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale, the show tells the story of twelve princesses who love to dance and would do so all day if they could.  Unfortunately, their overprotective father won’t allow it so they secretly sneak out each night to dance, wearing out their shoes in the process.  This causes much confusion in the palace as the King discovers their well-worn shoes each morning and cannot work out how it can be.

A visit from his late wife’s sister, Lady Monica, is about to change all that though and in doing so brings about a magical musical journey that audiences are sure to delight in.  With so many princesses, music, dancing and attitude, this is a show your whole family will not want to miss.

Note: At the end of each show all of the characters come out into the courtyard to meet the audience.  Children (and adults) will have the opportunity to get a picture with their favourite princesses!

The Twelve Dancing Princesses Shows

This is a weekends-only children’s production in term 1.

  • Saturdays @ 2pm
  • Sundays (selected weekends only) @ 2pm

Doors close 5 minutes prior to performance. Late entry is not permitted.

Duration: 90 minutes including a 20 minute interval

Tickets for The Twelve Dancing Princesses

  • Tickets $18 (adults at kids’ prices)
  • Group $15 (for a single booking of 10 or more seats)
  • Subscribers $14 (redeemed from subscription credit)
  • Transaction Fee $2 (payable per transaction)

Tickets are on sale now!

To purchase tickets to The Twelve Dancing Princesses, click here.

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