The Truth about Christmas Lights in Brisbane

christmas lights

Brisbane is where I grew up. I love the people here, friendly, welcoming – sunny.

Christmas is my favourite time of year and now I have kids one of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to take them to visit the Christmas lights. We map it out as a family and as my eldest can read he helps us too. Its a wonderful night we all look forward to every year.

As editor of Brisbane Kids its our fifth year of doing Christmas lights. We thought this year we would get our writers (Brisbane Mums) out and about checking out some lights before the 4KQ entries come out and having a chat to the families who undertake this mammoth task.

The cost of putting up Christmas Lights

I have always been inspired by people who put up Christmas lights. All the manual effort, all the dollar expense on energy and for many of the bigger houses, the hours spent managing the time where people view the lights. For one house we visit every year it’s almost an acre of yard taken up and transformed into a winter wonderland. Its amazing. I think they are amazing. It’s a free fun activity for families and it’s is an activity a whole family can enjoy together. To me it also symbolises community – opening ones home for inspection, being available, open and welcoming.

Who are these awesome light people anyway?

The first thing that was established upon visiting some Christmas Light houses was that all the home owners had one thing in common. They had a desire to make people, children, families happy. Their lights are designed to bring joy. WE LOVE THIS

SO why on earth?

The things is when our writers went to some homes they discovered it wasn’t all candycanes and happy kids singing carols.

The Brisbane Kids team got to chatting with some of the home owners AND they asked us if we would mind asking you (Brisbane)- no.. not YOU specifically- its ok.. just Brisbane in general for some common courtesy.

Please do your toileting before leaving home. It’s not ok to urinate in their gardens.

It’s not ok to drink alcohol in their front yard.

Christmas lights are not code for “come party with us” all night long in our front yard and all over the road

And lets just be reasonable

When you go and see Christmas Lights, the residents want you to be aware that people live in these streets. As importantly LOTS of people want to see the Christmas Lights and so stopping in front of their homes for 5 minutes + in your car (in the middle of the road) while other cars bank back probably isn’t an ideal situation. Also please be understanding that these people sleep and THIS is not ok- Have a look at what one Brisbane family was sent!

rude christmas lights letter

Brisbane Kids believes

We believe in Christmas and if you are reading this then you do too. So when you head off into the spirit of Christmas seeing Christmas Lights just lend some thought to the people who make it possible and perhaps send some goodwill and cheer their way.

I am thinking it might be nice if all Brisbane Kids followers say THANK YOU this year as we pass through and by the homes that bring such joy to children everywhere.



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  1. Peter Cull says:

    thank you for posting that message ive been doin Christmas lights for 20 yrs and my kids are 10 and 5 so I hope the message gets though and everyone enjoys the sites.

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