Trekkers take on Great Wall for Mater bubs

After many months of raffles, barbeque fundraisers, cake sales–and some training as well– 22 trekkers have taken off on a journey of a lifetime to walk the equivalent of a marathon along the Great Wall of China.The group, who departed Brisbane Airport bound for Beijing on Friday 7 June, are raising money for natural fertility research and Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU).

Tiananmen SquareMany of the trekkers have a close connection to the NCCU. Professor David Tudehope was the Director of the NCCU for 30 years; Elysia Giugni was saved as a premmie baby 23 years ago by Professor Tudehope; and Nigel Harris is the Executive Director of Mater Foundation which provides funding to support premature and seriously ill babies and children treated at Mater, like Elysia.

Trekker Professor Tudehope, who retired from Mater in 2008, and his team saved approximately 1500 lives every year during his time as Director of NCCU.

“I signed up to the trek to show my ongoing support for NCCU and research Mater is doing into infertility,” Professor Tudehope said.

Among the group travelling to China is mum-of-three Leiza Mosley. She was rushed to Mater by ambulance at 29 weeks gestation. Her premmie twins spent almost 2 months in NCCU.

Leiza is trekking the Great Wall because she wants to fundraise for the hospital that saved her babies’ lives.

“I have been continually surprised by the generosity of others in terms of money, time, energy and spirit! I am grateful for any donation–big or small–and this experience has shown me just how generous people can be. My thank you list is getting as long as the Great Wall of China!,” Leiza said.

Show your support

Want to show your support but barely have time to catch your breath after running around after the kids, let alone trek the Great Wall of China?! You can help motivate our trekkers and support Mater Little Miracles today!

So what is this all about?

Miles for Miracles: Great Wall Trek 2013 is one of Mater’s newest fundraising adventures to help fund Mater researchers as they continue to seek out alternative options for couples experiencing infertility and help to save the lives of premature babies cared for in NCCU.

Where will the trekkers go?

Eastern Qing TombsAfter arriving in Beijing on Friday the trekkers set off the following day to Tiananmen Square and explore the Forbidden City. The group then visited the World Heritage listed Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. On Monday 10 June the group set off to the Taipingzhair Gate of the Great Wall to begin their five-day trek. After trekking all the way to Jiankou, the group will travel back to Beijing. They will spend two days immersing themselves in Chinese culture before departing Beijing, Brisbane-bound on Monday 17 and landing back on Australian soil on Tuesday 18 June.

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