Top Tips for Getting out of the House with Kids

Top Tips for Getting out of the House with Kids

It can be a daunting thought taking the kids out of the house, especially if it’s your first or you have more than one. We asked Brisbane Mum’s for their tips and this is what they told us!

  • Timing is everything- dont do it before a nap and dont do it if they are hungry
  • Make sure you are organised
  • Stress less.. stressful mums = stressed out kids
  • Take things to occupy them
  • Twin prams, baby carriers, slings and skateboard platforms
  • Check with the professionals- like this mum with 7 children!! 🙂
  • Set the expectations from day one- ie- must hold onto the pram
  • Don’t set too rigid timings
  • Have lots and lots of snacks and drinks
  • If you have just expanded your family, start small.. build to the bigger outings
  • Train them on outings to the park so you know you can trust them when you are at busier places
  • Take plenty of wipes and washers so if they spill or make a mess you dont stress about it
  • keep a change of clothes for them and you in the car always
  • Be prepared to go home if it all falls to pieces
  • don’t care about what people think – this is your adventure not theirs
  • go somewhere with a parents room
  • Discuss the rules before you leave the house
  • Grocery Shop online
  • Offer a reward at the end of the shopping trip
  • Write downs lists- lists for everything!
  • Iphones and Ipads can be well worth it when it all gets to much
  • If all else fails look for a nice person and ask for help
  • Give your kids a job each to do
  • Go somewhere close to home
  • go somewhere with a parents room
  • go to a fenced Brisbane playground
  • Have multiple bags for multiple reasons so you can grab and go
  • reward good behaviour
  • Just DO IT!


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