Our top ideas for a fantastico Dora party!

Ideas for a Dora party

Does your Brisbane Kid sit glued to the TV screen bellowing ‘MAP!’ and ‘BACKPACK!’ at the top of their lungs and answering every single question that’s asked of them by Dora the Explorer? The crazy-voiced character and her band of bizarre friends are one of the biggest hits ever in kids’ entertainment. If your Brisbane Kid is caught up in the Dora craze, why not throw them a fantastico Dora party? Muy bien!

Dora Party Printables

Check out these awesome Dora party printables from Measured by the Heart for everything you need to get your Dora party started, from invitations to cupcake toppers!

Printables for a Dora party

Dora décor

A simple colour scheme of pink and orange like this one on Catch My Party will set the perfect scene for a bright and exciting Dora party venue.

Decor for a Dora party

Character masks

These great Dora party masks were found on Etsy, but could even be made by kids as a fun party activity.

Dora character masks

Find Swiper

Kids love to look out for their favourite sneaky fox, so a game of Find Swiper is sure to be a hit! You can hide a Swiper figure or lots of print-out pictures of Swiper for your party guests to find.

Dora party game

Say MAP!

Every Dora fan loves Map (picture from Dora and Friends), so why not set up an awesome treasure hunt by creating their very own map of your party venue. You could even have simple activities they have to do along the way before moving on the next landmark, like solving a riddle to get past an obstacle, correctly counting items and matching shapes.

Map for a treasure hunt

Catch the Explorer Stars

Here’s another great Dora party game! See googly eyes and glitter for full details of how to set it up and play.

Dora party game

Target practice

For some water fun, Brisbane Kids will love trying to stop Swiper from swiping their party food by throwing water balloons at him! This idea and lots more on Apples 4 Bookworms.

Stop Swiper game

Dora party drink ideas

We love these awesome Backpack cups seen on Pinterest!

Decorated drinking cups

Check out these cool printable Dora straw toppers from nickjr.!

Printable straw toppers

And nickjr. also has these great printable cup wrappers.

Printable wrappers for drinks

Delicioso food ideas

How brilliant and simple are the Map cheese stick snacks found on Catch My Party?!

Decorated cheese sticks

Creative labels like Tico’s Tacos by The Dudley Family and Boots’ Bananas seen on Pinterest can turn any yummy snacks into Dora party food!

Food label for a Dora party

Food label for a Dora party

These Explorer Star cookies found on Catch My Party shouldn’t be too hard to DIY!

Cookies for a Dora party

Say click, take a pic!

Okay, that’s a line from Diego, but we still love this brilliant idea for a Dora party photo booth found on Catch My Party!

DIY photo booth

Backpack, backpack

We love these simple and cute Backpack bags seen on Catch My Party. What a great idea for DIY party favour bags!

Backpack goody bags

Party favours

Visit nickjr. for some amazing printables for party favours, including finger puppets, party blower decorations, bracelets and more!

Printables for a Dora party

For more great party ideas for your Brisbane Kids, check out our 16 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party, Amazing Colourful Rainbow Party Ideas and Incredible Dinosaur Party Ideas.

Don’t forget that you can also follow Brisbane Kids on Pinterest! For even more ideas, check out our Dora Party board.

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