Top Five Things to Look For When Buying Boys’ Clothes

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Top Five Things to Look For When Buying Boys’ Clothes


Mothers of boys…we know some pretty special things, like what happens when you bang a wall with a golf club, or the noise a washing machine makes when filled with Lego…. We love our boys but they do tend to be bent on destruction! So how do you dress a human tornado in clothes that won’t break the budget? Boys wear through and damage clothes faster than girls and the cost of clothing them can be surprising. Choosing the right boys clothes can save time and money down the track!

Be As Original (and practical) as Your Little Boy Is!

There is nothing worse than seeing the same boring clothes on every kid. Every boy’s mom can tell you, department stores are packed full of delightful little outfits for girls and nothing good for boys! These chain stores are full of the same items nationwide. Chances are you’ll see the same t-shirt being worn by other boys at a park, school or childcare centre. So what can you do? Often these chain store items are poorly made and are meant to be disposable, and they barely last until your son grows out of them. Not great if they need replacing sooner or if you’ve more than one boy!

Online shopping gives you access to lots of brands and styles you won’t see at the local shopping centre.

Spend A Little More on Good Quality

It’s not all about style! Choose clothes for substance too. Well made clothes are carefully stitched (and over locked), tough enough to be durable, wash after wash and comfortable for everyday play. Choose darker colours for active little boys who like to get their hands dirty and thicker fabrics for boys who like rough play. In your local designer kid’s store, these retail for a hefty price tag so shop around online. Look for affordable brands that focus on quality design and manufacture – search for reviews on these brands and you’ll find a selection that you can trust for quality and price.

Choose Boy’s Clothes With Natural Fabrics

Look for natural fibers or natural/synthetic blends. Natural fibres, such as cotton, will wear better and feel more comfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing itchy, scratchy clothing. . Natural fabrics are also fire resistant which is vital, especially in boys pyjamas. ( Fire safety laws vary from country to country, so if you’re buying from abroad it’s vital to choose natural fibres to protect your little one. A 75% cotton/25% polyester blend will add a little more longevity to your items and will mean no ironing too!

Boys Grow Fast – Buy The Bigger Size

If you are buying good quality boys’ clothes, you want your boys to be able to wear them for as long as possible. An easy solution is to buy a bigger size. While the clothes may look a little baggy at first, they’ll grow into them, rather than out of them. Clothes that boys can wear for more than one season are definitely worth the extra money!

Wash All Clothes First

Lastly, once you’ve received your package of boys’ clothes in the mail, pop them in the wash first. Wash in cold water and use a high quality detergent to be sure you don’t shrink or damage your new clothes right away. You’ll also be washing away any dyes or chemicals that may be present on the surface of the clothes, so protecting your boys from anything harmful. The skin is our biggest organ and harmful dyes and chemicals are rapidly absorbed from new clothing into little bloodstreams. It’s vital to always wash first! Let’s face it, shopping  isn’t the most fun thing to do in Brisbane with your kids! Instead of taking that tantrum-throwing-boy-child to the local shopping centre when next they need clothes, buy your boys’ clothes online. You’ll find a more exciting collection of boys’ clothes that are unique, good value and boy tough.



About the Author: Janet Reid is mother to a little boy and cool hunter to the little boy fashion world. Janet owns her own boutique selling exclusive, quality boys clothes online


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