Top 5 Reasons To See An Osteopath For Your Baby

Little feet

1. Post-natal check

Birth is physically demanding for both mum and bub, and an osteopathic visit during the first 6 weeks is a great way to spot any strains or restrictions. And treat them before they become an issue.

Some indications for this: if there’s been a prolonged or very fast labour; an instrumental delivery (forceps or vacuum); or excessive moulding of the baby’s head.

A post-natal check for mum is also highly recommended.

2. Assistance with common infant conditions

Osteopaths who treat infants and children use very gentle and safe techniques. Common newborn conditions that may be helped with osteopathy include colic, reflux, feeding or sleeping difficulties.

3.    Make breastfeeding more enjoyable

Your baby may have difficulty latching on or opening her mouth due to restrictions in the face or jaw. Neck tensions can also contribute to breast-feeding difficulties, such as a preference for feeding on one side.

Osteopaths work closely with other health professionals to help you, so we might suggest a lactation consultant or maternal child health nurse.

4.    Flat spots on head (Plagiocephaly)

This can be due to baby’s position during pregnancy, or after birth due to a preference to lie on one side. Releasing strains through the neck and skull may help rebalance the head shape.

It’s not just a cosmetic issue — some studies show that children with this condition are more prone to postural issues, visual, auditory and jaw problems.

Osteopaths can advise on what you can do at home to help.

5.    Promoting optimal health and development

Once an initial issue is resolved, regular follow-up treatments can ensure ongoing health and well-being. By ensuring the body is working in harmony, free of any physical tension, it will function better.

Milestones like starting to sit up or walk and growth spurts are examples of when you may wish to bring your child in for a check-up.

Thanks to Simoni Pilavakis from Nurture Health Osteopathy for this article.

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