Top 10 best-selling educational iPhone apps that are designed for children under the age of five

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

The iOS marketplace is packed with all sorts of apps for kids. Some are entertaining, some are educational, and some are both. Advanced technology makes learning so much easier these days, and it’s a definitely a good idea to instill a passion for learning in your child from a very early age. Here are 10 best-selling iPhone apps for kids under 5.

1. Learn To Talk

App 1

This iPhone app makes use of flash cards to enable language development in kids between the ages of 1 and 4. ‘Learn To Talk’ uses both sound and sight to teach toddlers early language skills and basic vocabulary.

2. iWriteWords

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

iWriteWords is an awesome iPhone app that teaches kids handwriting while having fun playing an entertaining game. The player must help Mr. Crab collect a number of balls by moving him using their finger. Draw letters and when a word has been properly drawn, a sweet drawing emerges. Advance to the next level by sliding the letters in the recommended spinning hole. There are 20 number levels available, over 70 word levels, and playback features kids will surely enjoy.

3. Bumblebee Touchbook

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

Bumblebee Touchbookis an ideal app for parents who want to teach their kids to read. Narration of words, animations and sentences create the most engaging and enjoyable way of keeping your toddler busy without forcing him to read. This app will seem like a game, and that’s mainly because it features the cutest 3D animations.

4. Helicopter Taxi

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

Helicopter Taxi is an excellent app for kids fond of cars and helicopters. It uses an augmented reality and an incorporated camera to create the effect of a helicopter that flies across around a room. When toddlers move the device around they act like pilots and they steer the helicopter in their preferred directions. They can also land it on different surfaces, pick up passengers, and have fun.

5. SmackTalk

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

SmackTalk may seem annoying for parents, but for kids the app is just such hilarious. Basically, it records everything your child says and it repeats the words and phrases in different voices – low freaky or high squeaky. What’s great is that the app comes with a fuzzy interface, too – toddlers can choose from various characters like Chihuahua, guinea pig or kitten.

6. Scribble Light

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

Scribble Lights lets you convert your iPhone into a sketch pad. Perfect for kids with ages between 2 and 5, this app is easy to use and truly engaging. Allow your toddlers to draw their masterpieces, and if they want to erase, they just have to shake the device. Tons of draw-on photo options, colors and pen sizes are available, so the app should keep your little ones busy for quite a while.

7. Toddler Teasers: Shapes

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

‘Shapes’ is a great iPhone app created by two actual parents who wanted to find an entertaining way to keep their 2-year old busy. They came up with ‘Shapes’, a game-app meant to unfold a child’s creativity. Kids must touch shapes and give correct answers. 4 correct answers brings them a virtual sticker as a reward. There are other modes available too apart from quizzes, such as puzzles, flashcards, and toy boxes.

8. Alphabet Animals

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

‘Alphabet Animals’ is ideal for talented toddlers. It’s actually a game packed with animal sounds, colorful animations, and lots of tips to help kids learn letters in a funny way. Featuring interactive flashcards and animals that spell letters, this should teach your little one the alphabet in the funniest, easiest way possible.

9. Endless Reader

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

‘Endless Reader’ makes use of fun word puzzles and nifty graphics to bring short sentences and words to life for beginning readers. The app features a pack of 6 words for your children, but it offers additional “reader packs” if you choose to buy the full bundle for $11.99.

10. Math Drills

eductaional iPhone apps for kids under 5

‘Math Drills’ is a fun iPhone app that teaches basic math skills to kids between 2 and 5. It highlights a fun, compelling environment and it will dazzle toddlers with rich graphics and sweet sounds. Let the kids solve solutions to basic problems using fingers, and they could become math geniuses.

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