Toddler Games | Top 10

Toddler Games | Top 10

Toddler Games are part of the fun of being parents where your baby begins to turn to child. This follows from a list of ideas on how to play with babies. We created this list of toddler games to make it easier for tired parents to be inspired, for you to provide your own ideas of toddler games at the bottom of this post and simply to encourage play.

1. Block Building 

Build them up, crash them down. Teach them about cause and effect, develop their fine motor and turn taking. Block Building is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with a Toddler.

2. Waterplay

See what floats and sinks, play in the bath or outside on a sunny day.

3. Hide and Seek

This is a game that will evolve the more you play it and with the age of your child. As a toddler game be prepared for a lot of one way fun to begin with. Perfect for building strategy and problem solving skills.

4. Kicking and Throwing Balls

This is a fun toddler game as well as an important skill helping with their gross motor and turn taking skills. Head to your local Brisbane Park  to make the most of the beautiful weather in Brisbane.

5. Chalk on the concrete

Hopscotch, drawing, letters, numbers, circles, squares.. head to your local cheap shop and pick up some packs of BIG CHALK- lots of fun for Toddlers.. A great toddler game to extend from it for preschoolers is naughts and crosses as they move upwards in development.

6. A Nature Investigation

Toddlers Games can be about science, head out to your backyard or park and check out nature, the bugs, the leaves, the textures, the colours, the smells.

7. Playdough 

Playdough provides so many different opportunities for fun from making food, shapes or using leaves and sticks to make imprints in the dough. If you were wondering how to make playdough, we have some ways  that will make this easy for you to achieve at home- we even a no cooking playdough version.

8. Cooking Class

Cooking with kids is a great way to have fun with your Toddler. Make it into an actual toddler game by serving tea to teddies and dolls afterwards.. a Tea party is a great way to teach manners, and can be converted into a picnic for sunshine filled days.

9. I Spy

I Spy is a great toddler game and another one that can develop as your child ages. Begin with identifying colours and then move on to sounds (phoenix) and then letters.

10. Singing and Dancing

Toddler games would be nothing without a bit of singing and dancing. Crank up the music and use it as an excuse to clean the house at the same time.

Toddler Games are all about having fun and enjoying your kids while they are still young.. Remember it is less about the teaching and more about the fun..


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