Toddler Activities at the Gallery of Modern Art

Toddler Activities at the Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane Activities for Toddlers- the Creative Way

Written by Brisbane Mum Sara- If you wish to submit a review then email me [email protected]

The Gallery of Modern Art is brilliant. Brisbane is so lucky to have it, and for free! Its so accessible, you can drive, train, bus or ferry right to their door. They are well equipped for prams and wheelchairs and have bathrooms and change facilities that are wonderful. They showcase exceptional  exhibits for children (I don’t know about anyone else but we went to Magic Land ten times and built our own at home).

They offer a wonderful program called Toddler Tuesdays, which is like a playgroup within GoMA. Information is on the website, and the staff are so so so helpful (I was having one of *those* days and was asking the smart questions of ‘its on what day?’ and ‘its for who?’).  Toddler Tuesdays are run in blocks, based on the exhibits at the time and places are limited so its important to book in.

The programs are wonderfully designed and organised and run by enthusiastic staff. There is a lot of movement and cat in artmusic to fire up the children’s imaginations. The artist or exhibit that is the focus of the program is explained in very child friendly terms and its interesting to adults too. Examples of the art work in day to day life, or nature are shown and the children are encouraged to look for art around the room, or in their lives. The children then take a tour or closer look, often in interactive ways, at the art works.  They then come back and create their own master piece with more singing, games and discussions about art and artists.

I distinctly remember trying not to fall asleep in art galleries during high school and wishing for a pillow.  Even with comfy pillows provided Toddler Tuesday kept everyone awake, engaged and learning. It is a wonderful experience, its free, and your child will create a one of a kind art work

Warning: Toddler Tuesdays can result in extreme artistic creativity. My Obliteration Cat will tell you

Toddler Tuesday run through out the school terms and do require bookings- Head to the Gallery of Modern Art Website for further information.

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