Today We Rested

It’s this time of year especially as the weather cools that mornings become like a treasure, something you want to embrace preferably with a warm blanket and a cup of tea. I often rise before my children to grab a moment in the silence before I wake them. I wake them separately and gently at first, with enthusiasm second and then sometimes with a sprinkle of water third.

It’s Monday morning and I go to wake my Master 6 for school. It takes longer than usual which is not so unusual as he is a sensory challenged little fellow and often finds it tough to fall asleep and tougher to wake up.

He looks at me in protest as I point to a uniform at the end of his bed.

BUT its Sunday!?

No my love its monday.

Nooooooooooooo its Sunday Mum, I didn’t get 2 days off, it cant be Monday!

But you did have 2 days and it is Monday Jack.

He starts crying. Not a whingy tantrum cry but a hopeless tired, quiet cry. I hug him.

Oh mummy, can I stay home?

I say- No, my love you need to go to school, think of the learning you will miss out on.

AND he cries some more.

Terms are long, days are long and year 2 for Jack has been a social test with him learning how to keep up with maturing kids around him as socially he stays very much the same as he has always been, attentive, innocent and slightly naive. He is like the little professor in so many ways but he misses the quips of youth and their growing cheeky vernacular. He is tired.


I feel his head. He looks at me hopefully. I call my friends Brisbane’s Baby Whisperer for her opinion. It’s so hard making decisions as a parent sometime. I go back to Jack… I say… you do feel a little warm my love..maybe? I look into my heart and question myself, I feel the pressure that I imagine he must feel and I sigh. I am sad for him and sadder for me. I am sure there is a parenting lesson in here somewhere but as we all know, we have no guidebook, just our own internal compass, our instinct and our love.

Perhaps a day at home could do him good. So I let him rest and he slept on for 3 more hours.

When he wakes we wander into the light of the garden and he catches ladybirds, a common activity because ladybirds are breeding everywhere right now. We gather eggs from the chickens and talk about the wonder of the egg and its creator, the grand chicken. We study the grasses that have bloomed from the rain, discuss what seeds we can plant and then we break for a lunch of freshly made chocolate chip cookies, a warm hug and the wizard of oz.

I believe that as a parent sometimes we have to make a call. As his friend and protector I felt like I had to guard his little body and soul for a day and let him rest. School is such a necessary important foundation but it is also a long time in a little persons year and I believe that sometimes these sorts of days are essential for their wellbeing. I dont think it is something that is habit forming and I don’t think it should happen all the time or even infrequently, but like a blue moon there are days in which it is the most perfect thing to do. I don’t regret a thing. 

What do you do in these situations? Parenting WIN or Parenting Lesson still to learn?

Written by mum of 3 and owner/editor of Brisbane Kids Ngaire Stirling.  





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