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timberland park traffic track

Timberland Park’s awesome traffic track and modern wooden playground make it an ideal destination for active Brisbane Kids.

Timberland Traffic Track

The traffic track in Timberland Park is huge and is its main attraction, featuring flat bitumen riding tracks with traffic signage and road markings. The track is divided by white painted lanes making it a perfect place to teach kids how to ride, and rules around keeping to the left and right. It also means that kids are less likely to run into each other which is a bonus. 

Timberland Park Playground

timberland park playground and swings

The shady wooden playground at Timberland Park is perfect for toddlers and young children. Featuring a green fort style construction it offers a slide, wobbly bridge, climbing nets and climbing wall as well as an elevated platform so they can take in their surrounds. Swings sit alongside the playground, one standard and one with a harness for even the youngest children. 

The numerous fitness stations along the bike path in Timberland Park are suited to both children and adults. Timberland Park has one shelter with one table and two unsheltered tables, but no barbeques.

Imagination Factor

The imagination-based drawcard of Timberland Park is the very cool traffic track. Suitable for bikes and scooters, your Brisbane Kid will go on all sorts of adventures as they negotiate the roads, co-operating with others on their travels. The wooden fort is an awesome lookout post for airport traffic controllers. 


Timberland Park has no toilet facilities. There are many paths suited to wheelchair and pram use. The playground is unfenced and the park is partially shaded by mature eucalypts throughout the day. There is a carpark at one end of the park, as well as street parking at the other end. If you prefer to visit parks with toilets, we have a whole list of bigger parks with mini cycle tracks in Brisbane

If you think Timberland Park should have a toilet block then get in touch with the local councilor in this area

Timberland Park features

  • Unfenced timber playground on bark base
  • Swings
  • Slide
  • Wobbly Bridge
  • Bike path
  • Mini traffic track
  • Fitness equipment
  • 1 shelter with 1 table
  • 2 unsheltered tables
  • Shade trees
  • Grassy and flat open space
  • Small carpark
  • Street parking

Another great Brisbane Playground nearby is Calamvale District Park.

Where is Timberland Park

Timberland Park is located on the corner of Basswood Street & Satinash Street in Algester.

Photos of Timberland Park


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