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thornside park

Beth Boyd Park is a lovely seaside playground with lots of opportunity for play together with the facilities for a wonderful memory making picnic

Beth Boyd Park – The Fun

This lovely Thorneside park is seaside and a wonderful destination for kids of all ages. It features 2 fort like structures with plenty of climbing and sliding opportunities, a climbing tunnel and a slide built into the hill. Beth Boyd park is sand based which is a favourite for many parents because kids are kept cleaner for longer. It has an awesome digger built into the sand that will prove to be a winner for many budding earth movers. There is a pedal bike playground for older kids as well as a quarter basketball court, so it caters for the entire family.

Imagination Factor

Brisbane Kids can use the ship shaped fort for lots of fun imaginative play pretending to be on the high seas searching for treasure. This is made more authentic by the fact that it overlooks the sea. Beth Boyd Park is surrounded by sand and water and so there is plenty of opportunity for sand and water play and you could bring along some match box cars or diggers to make the most of this feature through the creation of sand cities and the like. This can be extended further using the seaweed and seashells along the beach front. Potential for kite flying on windy days.

Special Needs Considerations

This park is not especially suited to kids of special needs though it does present a fairly flat ground for wheelchairs. There are no disabled toilets, it is unfenced and near water. Suited to kids of all ages.

Beth Boyd Park – The Facts

  • Toilets
  • Change room facilities for swimming
  • Dodgy lock on the doors
  • Outdoor shower
  • 2 FREE electric BBQ’s
  • No disabled facilities
  • Plenty of shade
  • Unfenced
  • 2 shaded eating areas
  • Fitness equipment
  • Water bubbler and rubbish bin
  • Bike paths & bike racks
  • Take mossie spray
  • Can be quite muddy by the waters edge
  • Plenty of off-street parking on John Street and an additional carpark on Mooroondu Road
  • Parks nearby include Lota Park and Manly Park

Beth Boyd Park is located on the corner of John Street and Mooroondu Road in Thorneside.


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