Things to do on the Sunshine Coast when it gets cold

family at beach in winter.

Even in winter, the Sunshine Coast delights in an average of seven hours of sunshine per day. This is one of the highest average daily sunshine readings in the world! Whether your trip is full of sun or soggy with rain, the Sunshine Coast can provide the perfect getaway in winter with your Brisbane Kids.

Winter fun on the Sunshine Coast with your Brisbane Kids

Get outside and soak up some vitamin D on the Sunshine Coast with these ideas to keep your Brisbane Kids active and happy –

  • Plan a day trip to one of our recommended Best Theme Parks on the Sunshine Coast. From ride-oriented theme parks like Aussie World, to more relaxed destinations suitable for the entire family like Bellingham Maze, we have covered the perfect theme parks for your Brisbane Kids.
  • Visit an awesome Sunshine Coast park or playground. We recommend Russell Family Park in Montville and Pioneer Park in Landsborough but we have a whole list of amazing Sunshine Coast Playgrounds. Sunshine Coast parks are packed with awesome equipment that we don’t always see in our Brisbane parks and playgrounds, so they’re great to explore, discovering new challenges along the way. As an example, the pirate playground at Happy Valley is awesome for families with many different types of play equipment, the beach nearby, bbq’s, toilets, cafes and a coffee van.
  • Sunshine Coast beaches aren’t only to be enjoyed in the warmer weather! Rug up, pack a picnic, a kite and some sand play toys like buckets and spades and your Brisbane Kids can have a winter beach adventure. Don’t forget the camera – winter sunshine makes for some beautiful beach photos! You will also often find kite surfers challenging the surf on windy days which is always entertaining for the kids. 
  • Active Brisbane families should definitely take advantage of the national parks, mountains and forests of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland areas. Go camping and toast marshmallows over an open fire, or simply go for a bushwalk. We have details of some of the best nature-soaked areas to delve into in our list of day trip destinations on the Sunshine Coast. 

Sunshine Coast inside pursuits to entertain your Brisbane Kids

If it’s raining or just too cold to go outside, try these ideas for beating kids’ winter boredom –

  • See a show or attend a workshop with your Brisbane Kids. Family-friendly performances, school holiday workshops for kids and music events – the Sunshine Coast puts on a fantastic variety of events. Check out the Sunshine Coast venues and events page for current events.
  • Play centres are always a popular choice for entertaining the kids on rainy days. With its growing population, the Sunshine Coast has play centres popping up everywhere. Keep the kids entertained for hours while they burn off that pent-up energy when it’s simply too cold to go outside. Check out a play centre near you for some warm and safe fun.
  • With the Sunshine Coast council libraries events calendar, you are sure to find a free, fun and fitting indoor activity for your Brisbane Kid. From regular Baby Rhyme Time sessions to interactive musical shows, the council puts on some great events for families and kids of all ages, particularly in the school holidays. Ensure you plan in advance though, as a lot of these activities do require bookings.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for awesome things to do and places to visit on the Sunshine Coast when it gets cold! Please email us at [email protected] with your ideas.

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