The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at the Ekka with Kids

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The tireless organisers of the Royal Queensland Show are committed to offering visitors a unique and fun-filled event every year that can be experienced regardless of budget. With even more free entertainment than ever at this year’s show, and by using our ultimate guide to saving money at the Ekka, you can enjoy all the fun of the show without having to break the bank!

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Buying tickets

  • Buy your tickets in advance online at to save up to 15% off the ticket price at the gate.
  • Research the other ticket packages you can buy online, including Family Value Packs, Ride Cards, and meal packages for extra savings.
  • Check out the Shop-A-Docket offers on receipts, or online for reduced-cost admission.
  • RACQ members often get discounted Ekka tickets too. Check out this year’s offer here.

Tickets at the Ekka

Preparing to go

  • Set a price limit for showbags, and get the kids to choose their showbag/s before you go to avoid meltdowns over missing out on other tempting goodies when you get there.
  • Plan what attractions to visit. More than 70 per cent of the Ekka is dedicated to free family entertainment and activities, such as the RACQ Animal Nursery, wood chopping, horse shows, sheep dog shows, performances, demonstrations, live music, the EkkaNITES show and many, many more. Check out to find out about all the amazing things you can do for free at the Ekka this year.
  • Set a budget for rides or other experiences, and let kids know what it is so that they can research and choose their favourite rides rather than asking to go on everything.

Packed lunch

What to bring

  • Bring your own food for lunch, dinner and snacks to save heaps on buying a full day’s worth of refreshments at the show.
  • Bring your own water and top up your water bottles inside the showgrounds throughout the day.

Fireworks at the Ekka

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At the show

  • Visit the Woolworths Fresh Food Showcase to try free samples of foods from the Woolworths produce, meat, bakery, seafood, deli and chilled food departments. There are also FREE daily cooking classes and crafting activities for kids, as well as Jamie Oliver inspired recipe demonstrations.
  • Maximise the value of your entry fee by making the most of all of the free entertainment and activities on offer.
  • If you need to buy food, check out the super cheap cheese toasties for a hunger fix on a budget.
  • Join the Ekka Learning Trail and follow the trail for an assortment of free things to try, see and do within the showgrounds. You can read more about the Ekka Learning Trail here.

Ekka Memories

We asked a group of Brisbane Kids what they love most about the Ekka. This is what they had to say –

For more information on this year’s Ekka, please head to

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