The Twits Live Stage Show

he twits live stage show puppets, Mr and Mrs Twit

Every Roald Dahl fan has read The Twits, all about Mr and Mrs Twit – the most horrible people ever to live! Now Brisbane Kids get to see The Twits come to life as they make their way onto the stage in a brand new production by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre at the Logan Entertainment Centre.

The story of The Twits is infamous – a wicked tale of two grizzly old grunions, Mr and Mrs Twit, who like nothing more than to play nasty tricks on each other and those around them. Mr Twit is an unpleasant, hairy-faced, grubby and messy old man, and Mrs Twit is a mean-spirited woman whose once pretty face is now ugly from reflecting her consumption of nasty thoughts! The tricks they play are nothing short of horrible! Mrs Twit puts worms in Mr Twit’s spaghetti, and Mr Twit convinces Mrs Twit she has the dreaded shrinks. The Twits are mean, the insults fly left, right and centre, and the tag game of revenge and trickery is never-ending.

Throughout the ongoing trickery, Muggle-Wump, a poor little monkey, is held captive by Mr Twit. Obsessed with putting on The Great Upside-Down Monkey Circus, Mr Twit relentlessly trains Muggle-Wump to perform death defying stunts; punishing the monkey as he sees fit. But! Fate changes for Muggle-Wump with the arrival of Roly-Poly, a glorious bird full of grace and pomposity. Together, a plot is devised to secure Muggle-Wump’s freedom and turn the Twits’ world upside down!

As laugh-out-loud entertaining as The Twits is (like all of Roald Dahl’s tales), this story has a great underlying message to encourage us all to think about how we treat each other and how we can spread positivity in today’s society.

Presented by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and the Logan Entertainment Centre, The Twits is a super high energy combination of storytelling, puppetry and physical theatre, which, when you think about it, is the best way to see The Twits. You wouldn’t want to meet the real life Twits – puppet versions are much safer! 

The Twits Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

The Twits live show details

  • This engaging show for kids is happening on two days only – Monday 26 August at 1pm and Tuesday 27 August 2019 at 10.30am
  • The show is 50 minutes in duration, with a 10 minute question and answer session
  • The Twits is recommended for Roald Dahl fans of all ages
  • Tickets cost $18pp | Group 8+: $15pp | LEC Member: $15pp | Family Pass (any 4 tickets): $65

Before you go

  • The Logan Entertainment Centre is located at 170 Wembley Road, Logan Central
  • There is ample free onsite parking, including accessible parking
  • Aim to get there 30-40 minutes before the show starts
  • There is an kiosk onsite where you can purchase drinks, ice-creams, snacks, hot and cold food
  • You can access Logan Entertainment Centre by train (just hop off at Woodridge Station and walk 800m) and by bus
  • You can pick your tickets up from the box office between 9.30am and 4.30pm


For more information on The Twits and Roald Dahl, visit

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