The Top 10 Reasons Why the EKKA is a Great-Value Family Day Out

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The Brisbane Exhibition is a Queensland institution with over a week of exhibitions, celebrations and entertainment for families. There is a perception that the EKKA is an expensive activity and, ofcourse it can be, but hopefully we can show you the top 10 reasons why the EKKA is a great value family day out at lest cost than you think.

Why the EKKA is better value than you think

1. More than 70% of the RNA Showground is dedicated to free activities. What does this even mean? Some of the best activities in the showgrounds cost nothing at all. Some that come to mind are the baby animal pavilion, the dog show and the night time show in the arena. Some other favourites are the cake show and entertainment that happens throughout the day in various places throughout the EKKA. The EKKA generally releases a schedule of performances and we would suggest mapping your day out around this to make the most of the free entertainment.

2. There are nearly 300 free things to do and see at EKKA. No kidding! Every year the free things on offer do change but the the Royal Exhibition is always packed with free activities. You literally never need step a food in side show alley or the show bag pavilion if you don’t want to.

3. Parents are encouraged to bring along a picnic rug and packed lunch. This means you can fill a fridge pack with sandwiches, bring some drinks and some snacks, throw them in the pram or in a backpack and never look back!

4. Parents can bring along their own water bottles and fill them up at no charge at various locations throughout the showgrounds

5. Parents with children can relax at shaded and fenced ‘chill out zones’ as children enjoy free, low-energy activities. This can help to divide the day and many parents use this as an opportunity for a wind down prior to the night time shows in the arena.

6. The average EKKA-goer spend seven hours at the show, so you can well and truly get your money’s worth out of the entry price, and with a vast array of free activities to do and see, you don’t need to spend another cent once inside. In recent years, the EKKA has even offered family passes and if you sign up to their newsletter NOW then you will find they also tend to offer early bird ticket pricing  with significant savings.

7. Families can watch live music performances by country favourites and pop icons, as well as spectacular shows, 10,000 animals, fireworks and much, much more all for free with the purchase of an EKKA ticket

8. Kids aged 4 years and under get in for free < This is a little known fact that hasn’t changed over the years but still seems to be a little known savings, especially if ALL your kids are under four years of age.

9. Families can taste their way through a wide variety of free fresh food samples, from snacks and starters to gourmet meal items and delicious desserts in the Woolworth’s Pavilion.

10. Showbags don’t have to cost a fortune, with some bargain buys available for $5 and under per bag. The best way to achieve a savings on your showbags is to use the Courier Mail Showbag guide and choose before you go.

GATES OPEN each day at 9am

Tickets are available online at

We hope we have shown you how going to the EKKA needn’t be an overly expensive experience. Beyond the entertainment factor, the EKKA is a really good opportunity for kids to get a better understanding of our farmers, the food cycle and regional Australia.


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    We love EVERYTHING about the Ekka, especially the strawberry ice creams …..yum

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