The Tiger Who Came to Tea | Brisbane January 2016 – A Review


QPAC & Andrew Kay in association with Nick Brooke & Kenny Wax presents The Tiger Who Came to Tea as part of QPAC’s SummerSet in January 2016.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The all time favourite children’s book by Judith Kerr, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, is now a live musical and making its way to Brisbane just in time for the school holidays. The show which has come directly from a sell out season on London’s West End, is sure to entertain Brisbane Kids as it tells the story of a larger than life tiger who unexpectedly knocks on the door of Sophie’s house, just as Sophie and her mum are about to have tea. Of course, things get a little crazy when the tiger enters the house and there is lots of magic, songs and silly antics to keep the audience amused.

This delightful and charming musical mixes catchy songs, fun characters and one big stripy tiger in a show that is sure to entertain Brisbane Kids aged 2 years and over and their family these the school holidays.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Performances

All shows are on at  the Playhouse, QPAC, Grey Street, South Bank.

  • Thursday 14th January:  2pm and 4pm
  • Friday 15th January : 10am and 12pm
  • Saturday 16th January : 10am and 12pm
  • Sunday 17th January: 10am and 12pm

The performance is 55 minutes in  duration and does not include an interval.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Ticket Prices

  • $39 per ticket
  • $6.95 transaction fee applies

Watch this video for a sneak peak at The Tiger Who Came To Tea


For more information and to book tickets click here

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Review

It was with equal parts excitement and intrigue that I took my two young Brisbane kids and niece along to see the stage adaption of Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea today.  A much-loved classic and well read book in our house, I was interested to see how the critically acclaimed West End production had managed to translate the short children’s book into an hour long musical and keen to see if it had managed to capture the magic of the tale as effortlessly as the book did.

With any adaption people are going to want a strong loyalty to the book that they love and in many ways the stage show didn’t disappoint.  The quaint and beautifully created kitchen set was easily recognisable from the pages of the book and the character’s costumes were pretty spot on too – right down to Sophie’s patterned leggings.  Whilst the character’s acted out the play, at many points they took on a third person voice and narrated sections of the story.  This was received well as they opened the play by saying hi to the audience (something the kids all loved) and letting us know they were about to tell us the well-loved tale.

The obvious differences came via additional scenes and songs that were created – all of which the director no doubt used to help fill the hour-long performance.  Most notable would be the fact that rather than open on Sophie seated with her mum having tea they begin with breakfast and the introduction of the father prior to his heading off to work. From here we see them go through different meal times with repetitive motions and song and actually meet the postman and milkman etc rather than just have them mentioned quickly like in the book.  Although this means it takes quite a while before the true hero – the tiger – arrives on stage, it also meant kids were literally shouting from their seats in excitement when his paw was first seen curling around the door.

This show was a huge hit with not just my kids but all the others seated in the audience as well.  I loved how heavily interactive it was, with the children encouraged to not just sing along to the songs but to also get up and do yoga dance moves with the tiger as well at one stage!   Audible gasps of wonder rang out throughout the theatre each time the tiger demolished another meal, the clever stage illusions used leaving even adults scratching their heads at the very realistic way the plates, fridge and pantry-filled food disappeared.  Miss 6 actually turned and checked with me regularly during these scenes if the tiger was in fact real or not and I heard many excited little voices as we left the theatre later exclaiming that it was.

Whilst the program says ages 3 and up I felt that it catered to an audience even younger if possible.  The songs were like nursery rhymes and quite repetitive and although at times I thought they dragged it out too much it seemed to have no negative effect on the kids.

Overall, we would definitely recommend this show to Brisbane kids.  They will love singing and dancing along to this classic tale – though be warned…the repetitive and catchy songs will be stuck in your head and on the tip of your tongue for hours after you leave!



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