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Sciencentre Brisbane

Fun for toddlers at the Sciencentre

Attached to the Queensland Museum at South Bank is the Sciencentre. It’s a fantastic destination for families, with many displays that allow visitors to get hands-on and experience science at work. The Sciencentre is also the perfect place to introduce your toddler to science in an enjoyable and immersive environment.

The permanent exhibits at the Sciencentre can bring a lot of enjoyment to children of all ages, especially toddlers. Even though several of the concepts on display may be slightly too advanced for a child of two or three to fully appreciate and learn from, the displays themselves are very interactive and encourage youngsters to get in there and have a go. My three year old especially loved the wave cylinder, spending ages manipulating the cylinder to see the waves form, and the geometric tile table, taking particular time making patterns with the tiles.

Sciencentre Geometric Tiles

Another popular area of the Sciencentre for all ages to explore is the optical illusions corner. Both of my Brisbane Kids absolutely loved seeing each other’s heads on a platter and sitting at the giant table where they appeared as even tinier humans. The running track and ball toss, often rowdy, are irresistible to Brisbane Kids keen to beat their friend’s fastest speeds.

Sciencentre Giant Table

Accessibility for toddlers

Almost all of the permanent exhibits at the Sciencentre are set up to be accessed by children and adults of all ages. Tables are set at heights viewable by children as young as two and there are many solid cubes scattered throughout the space to be used as seating or to kneel or stand upon. It’s a definite plus that children can touch, feel and play with every one of the displays. The interactivity factor will keep younger children entertained for hours, perhaps even learning something through their experimenting.

Sciencentre Thong Pipes

Special needs considerations

All aspects of the Sciencentre are accessible by wheelchair or pram, with lifts giving access from the carparks to the Queensland Museum, then another set of lifts taking you down to the Sciencentre. Wheelchair accessible toilets are located within the Sciencentre, as well as within the Queensland Museum. Space for wheelchairs and prams is set aside at all of the public programs, including lectures, workshops, shows and activities.

The Sciencentre entrance is situated on the 1st floor of the Queensland Museum building at South Bank. Tickets to the Sciencentre must be purchased from the main Queensland Museum ticket office on the 2nd floor.

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