The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood | Brisbane July / September 2018


If you are after something a little different to your classic fairytale then head to the Brisbane Arts Theatre in Term 3 to experience The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood – a retelling of the classic in a way you may not have heard before.

The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Everyone believes they know the age old classic stories inside out.  And who doesn’t know the story of Little Red Riding Hood?  Girl goes to grandma’s house, girl meets wolf, wolf eats grandma! It’s the same ol’ story. Or is it..?

The truth is, do you really know the real story of Little Red Riding Hood?  Prepare to be surprised and delighted as the Brisbane Arts Theatre presents an alternative telling of the tale in this jaunty musical adventure.  And guess what?  The Big Bad Wolf is not so bad in The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood, a new adaptation of the popular story.

Bring the whole family along and be amazed by this delightful production that is sure to show a different side to a well-known classic story to the one you think you know by heart.

Little Red Riding Hood Shows

This is a weekends-only children’s production running from the 28th July – 15th September 2018.

  • Saturdays @ 2pm
  • Sundays (selected weekends only) @ 2pm.

Doors close 5 minutes prior to performance.

After the show, all of the actors will come out into the courtyard to greet, chat and sign autographs which is a beautiful  50 year old tradition and one of the best bits about seeing a show at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

Tickets for Little Red Riding Hood

Disney pricing applies for this production.

  • Tickets $18 (adults at kids’ prices)
  • Group $15 (for a single booking of 10 or more seats)
  • Subscribers $14 (redeemed from subscription credit)
  • Transaction Fee $2 (payable per transaction)

Tickets are on sale now!

To purchase tickets to Little Red Riding Hood, click here.

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