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dinosaur at the queensland museum

Over three massive levels, the Queensland Museum offers an insight into the states science, culture & natural features. It is a wonderland of knowledge, fun, activity and intrigue that leaves little minds clambering for more and bodies happily exhausted from racing between all the exciting things on show.  Where else can kids climb within mangrove roots, walk beneath dinosaurs, marvel at a mini hobbit house, experiment with gravity or get up close and personal with a range of Australian animals including spiders, sharks and snakes?

snakes at the queensland museumm

The Museum is an expansive centre with five levels (0 – 4) of exhibitions to explore and entry is free!  As it is situated in Southbank it is an easy trip in via public transport though if you would prefer to drive then you can park underneath at the Cultural Centre for $15 for the day.

Dinosaur fans will love the Museum!

Starting on level 0 you will find the Playasaurus area.  This is an open space for young kids that is towered over by two huge dinosaurs and scattered with informative and interactive activities for the children to play with.  There is an outdoor theatre surrounded by bench seating where kids can dance along with the singing dinosaurs or you can relax with a packed lunch.  Food is actually not allowed anywhere in the Museum, but this place is the exception so it might be a nice spot to visit when you are ready for lunch as the kids can either eat as they wander around or sit down on some of the seating provided.

playasaurus area at the museum

What is at the Queensland Museum?

Level two is the main entrance floor and home to the Museum Shop and ticket office for featured exhibitions. Surprise the kids and wander through the Museum Shop to the tunnel walkway outside its entrance.  Here you will find giant life-size whales suspended from the roof and the effect of seeing these overhead while speakers sing out their whale sounds is quite magical (and also a little eerie).

whales queensland museum

Once again there will be plenty of excited exclamations and pointing as you explore the exhibitions on level two.  Take a journey under the sea and explore life with our marine reptiles in the Coral Coast room or discover our wonderful state in the entertaining Discover Queensland exhibition.  A favourite spot here is the replica mangrove roots that act as a small cubby for kids to wander through, pushing buttons as they do to light up display sections housing animals that would usually call it their home. You can check out a review we completed of the Museum with Kids.

The Wild State Exhibition

Wild State is a dedicated celebration of Queensland’s diverse habitats and beauty.  Taking six years to complete, the gallery’s impressive display of taxidermy on over 300 animals and specimens within the five broad habitats found in Queensland is a true testament to the museum’s dedication to honouring our amazing state and all that thrives within it.

The Discovery Centre

The fun continues up on level three as you exit the lift and find yourself instantly immersed in the Discovery Centre.  This is a showcase of the museum’s collection of thousands of objects, animals and fossils and with large spiders, beautiful butterflies, slippery snakes on display and ferocious sharks coming at you from the ceiling it is almost a case of not knowing where to look next.  There are many interactive sections and even small computer games to play.

the queensland museum discovery centre

Finally, make sure you don’t leave out a trip to the fourth floor.  Here you will find Collectomania – a room that displays some of the most quirky, fun and slightly insane personal collections of people in Australia.  Most are quite interesting like the snowboards, lawnmowers, miniature pianos, number plates, rocking horses and neon signs while others are simply weird – 15 years worth of fingernail and toenail clippings being the one to spring to mind.  For some reason, that one seemed a favourite with the kids though.

The Queensland Museum is a full day out for kids and parents alike, with interesting exhibits that will excite the whole family.  It seems they all have something child friendly to offer though you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it’s the general discovery of new facts and knowledge that creates the most excitement with the children.  Kids have a thirst for knowledge and are forever curious about the world around them and learning new things.  The museum will provide this for them in abundance but with a lot of colour, fun and activity added in as well.

specimens queensland museum

How to get to the Queensland Museum

To find out more about the Queensland Museum and its current exhibitions head to their website at they are situated right next to the Science Centre which does cost money to enter. You can read our Science Centre Review to help decide if you can fit it all in the one day or head back for another day of fun.

You can catch public transport to the Museum or park underneath in their carpark for $15 for all day. The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre is open every day excluding Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day, with limited opening hours on Anzac Day. While there is no cost to enter the actual museum, their individual featuring exhibitions may have an entry fee. Once you finish at the Museum you have a wonderful choice of visiting Aquativity at South Bank, GOMA, the Corner at the State Library or the Queensland Art Gallery, which are all within walking distance and accessible by pram or wheelchair.

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