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Mention the idea of spending a few hours (or a day) with your little kids at the State Library and for some parents the idea borders on hilarious – or at least wishful thinking.  It brings to mind visions of steering their small bodies through corridors of books, desperately trying to keep them quiet and respectful in case the keen-eared librarian with her stern look and severe “shhhh!” happens to be nearby.  Whilst that may have been the case many years ago, the reality now is actually quite different.  What a lot of parents are now discovering is quite the opposite and in fact a trip to the State Library of Queensland can actually be a fantastic way to spend some time with your kids – where they can play, have fun and learn all at the same time!

state library brisbane

Its located at Southbank making it an ideal day out

Situated at Southbank and housed between the Art Gallery and GOMA, the Queensland State Library has an entire section devoted to Brisbane Kids.  The Corner is the library’s program for children under 8 and it encourages young minds to explore and engage in creative play with fun and educational toys, reading, exhibitions, unique artworks and artist led activities.  There are many opportunities for play – discovery, physical, creative, imaginative, manipulative and social and as themes in The Corner change regularly the content remains fresh and interesting for regular visitors.

The State Library and creativity

The friendly, smiling staff are always nearby to run activities, games, brainstorming sessions or just to chat and read books with the kids.  There is a drawing / cutting / gluing station set up and even when there isn’t a scheduled activity on the kids can keep busy with a mountain of books, puzzles, dress-ups and props, puppets, computer games, activity mats and toys.  During school holidays free performances by actors and musicians are common occurrences so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their Children’s and Holiday Programs to see what might interest your child.

state library brisbane

The Corner also has a very good online presence where, with your support, kids can access games and activities, read virtual books and see exhibitions currently on display from their website.

There are so many great reasons to bring your children to the wonderland of education and fun that is The Corner at the State Library of Queensland.  Introduce them to the world of books and help foster their creativity and keep them entertained at the same time.  A word of warning though, it can get VERY noisy.

The State Libraries Kids Corner

the corner

The Corner is open from 10am – 3pm daily and can be found on the 1st floor of the library.  A ramp or stairs provide access with all activities at just the right height for kids.  Pram parking is adjacent to the area with parents invited to take part in the activities.  You can travel there by bus (to the Cultural Centre Busway or GOMA stop), by ferry (alighting at the South Bank CityCat stop) or by train (South Brisbane train station).  If you are travelling by car than you can park at the Cultural Centre Carparks, Southbank Parklands or the Brisbane Exhibitition Centre for a fee.

PLEASE check all details on their website or our Whats on Brisbane Calendar before turning up to avoid disappointment.

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