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Does your kindy kid dream of becoming a skateboarding superstar? Well, now they can safely learn how with The Ookkie: The World’s First Learning Skateboard.

We had the chance to recently review the Ookkie and let us say the kids were pretty delighted to get riding on their first learner skateboard!

Thanks to Ookkie who gifted the skateboard and helmet. The opinions remain those of the reviewer.

What is the Ookkie?

Sure, there are training wheels for bikes. There’s even adjustable training roller skates. But up until now, if a child wanted to learn how to skateboard, they just had to hop on and hope for the best.

We’re excited to say this has all changed with the Ookkie learning skateboard. It gives children the tools and confidence they need to develop their coordination, balance, and skills.

So, ditch the pram and get ready to transition your kids to their newest favourite vehicle – The Ookkie.

How Does the Ookkie Work?

Setting up your Ookkie

Great question! While we were waiting for the skateboard to arrive in the post, Ookkie sent through a short, colourful, and easy to follow, “How to put the Ookkie together,” instruction video.

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at an instruction manual wishing there was a video for it! So, we loved that Ookkie takes the guess work out before the skateboard has even arrived.

The skateboard comes in three separate parts that need to be placed together:

  1. The skateboard
  2. The child’s handle
  3. The adult’s handle

Putting the pieces together are as easy as 1, 2, 3. The child’s handle clicks into the skateboard. Make sure you hear the clicking noise to ensure it’s secretly attached. Then do the same with the adult handle.

The feature we think is pretty cool? How you can adjust the height of both the child and adult handles. Anyone who has ever had to hunch over a toy and push their little one will also rejoice in the adjustable settings.

Who is the Ookkie For and Not For?

Ookkie Skateboard Review

This learning skateboard is perfect for toddlers up to preppies. It’s the stage where your little one is full of independence and wants to break free of the pram. But they’re not quite big enough to walk to the coffee shop and back without their little legs hurting.

On their website it says that the Ookkie can safely carry kids up to 20kg. My six-year-old has been begging her little sister for a turn. In fact, thanks to the adjustable settings, the skateboard eventually converts from a training skateboard into an ‘big kid’ version – once your child can comfortably balance and ride the board by themselves.

To stay safe on the Ookkie please remember:

  • An adult should be with the kids at all times. • Knee pads, helmets and even elbow pads are recommended for the younger toddlers. • Never ride the skateboard in traffic. • 20kg max rider weight. • Do not use while child is seated. • Not to be used by children who are unable to stand unassisted.

What Will Kid’s Love About the Ookkie?

Ookkie Skateboard Review

“That is so cool!” exclaimed the kids when they saw our bright blue new Ookkie. Children are going to love the security of having mum or dad to guide them while they learn how to balance on the skateboard.

They’ll also love the thrill of rolling down the sidewalk on a skateboard -just like the big kids!

Kids will also enjoy mastering each ‘skill level’ the Ookkie provides.

The first level is here the child is learning how to balance on the board. They can hold onto the kid’s handle while an adult steers them around the neighbourhood. We tried the first level with four-year-olds and they loved it. They thought it was thrilling to roll down the neighbourhood on their awesome learning skateboard.

Second level sees the little one balancing like a boss. The child’s handle is removed while mum or dad is pushing them around the block.

The third level gives your child further independence. You can pop the child’s handle back up to help them balance and (big gulp!) the adult handle is removed. The handle adds extra balance while they learn how to maneuverer their skateboard around the block.  

The fourth and final level is when the Ookkie turns into ‘real life’ skateboard. All training handles are removed and your kid can safety get around the block. Learning how to master all four steps of the Ookkie is sure to reinforce your child’s sense of confidence and improve their gross motor skills.

What Will Parent’s Love About the Ookkie?

Did somebody say safety?

I know when I think of my kids flying down the road on a regular skateboard – so many risky scenarios pop into my head. But with the Ookkie learning skateboard, kids can safely and easily learn how to ride a skateboard.

Not only that but the Ookkie is built with high quality materials which makes the board incredibly tough and durable. Of course, with Queensland’s wet weather we’ll be keeping our Ookkie inside the house to keep it in pristine condition.

Parents will also love how children can gradually challenge themselves in a gradual and measured way. And anything to get my kids moving and outside is a bonus in my book!

Ookkie Dokkie – Let’s Ride!

If you’re ready to ditch to pram and get your little one learning how to skateboard -then roll on over to Ookkie’s website to check out their bright and beautiful range of learning skateboards today.

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