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Have you ever wondered where to go to see the weirdest sights around the world, where to find the most unusual natural features or the craziest manmade attractions? Are you planning on visiting a new place and want to get off the beaten track and see something unique and interesting? Or do you simply want to know about the amazing and extraordinary secret attractions hidden right here on your own doorstep? Well, look no further!

Atlas Obscura brings you all of the world’s most unique and interesting places, and we’ve found the best ones closest to Brisbane for you to check out!

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With over 14,000 places featured on Atlas Obscura, you can be sure to find some of the most curious and fascinating sights from around the world. This is unlike any other travel guide you have ever seen. You can find a temple where rats not only roam freely but are worshipped, a boabob tree so large that it has a pub within the trunk, a hole of fire known as the Gates of Hell, and much, much more. This is your portal to discover the amazing hidden gems in this awesome world!

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Australia on Atlas Obscura

Here in Australia, we have over 200 amazing and unusual places to visit and sights to see. Plus the list is growing all the time. Did you know there’s a pyramid here in Australia? It can be found at Ballandean in Queensland. Want to see a whole colony of giant pink slugs? Well, head to Mount Kaputar in New South Wales. There’s the quirky Museum of Human Disease in Sydney. Why not visit the amazing natural wonder of the crazy, bright pink waters of Lake Hillier in Western Australia? Or check out the ancient astronomy in the form of rock engravings by indigenous Australians at Mount Colah in New South Wales. Whatever ignites your curiosity or inspires your wonder in the world, you can be sure to find it here!

Unusual and Amazing Places Around Brisbane

The Pitch Drop Experiment

Did you know that right here in Brisbane, we have the Guinness World Records’ longest ever running lab experiment? This experiment began in 1927, has continued beyond the life of its creator, and will probably still be going long after we’ve all gone!

Located at the University of Queensland, the pitch drop experiment [] measures the viscosity of pitch as it drips through a funnel. Often thought of being a solid, the experiment shows that pitch is in fact a liquid – albeit a very viscous one. In the more than eighty years the experiment has been running, the pitch has dripped only eight times! You can see this crazy experiment in a display cabinet at the university.

Liquid drip

Southport Cable Hut

This unassuming brick structure is often overlooked by passersby, yet has a fascinating history. Located in Cable Park at Main Beach on the Gold Coast, the Southport Cable Hut is actually a heritage listed building. Dating back to the early 1900s, the hut was home to the terminal of the Pacific Cable — an immense telegraph cable which ran along the ocean floor all the way from Australia to North America. The cable line was a vital means of communication connecting Australia with the wider world.

Streets Beach

Streets Beach at South Bank may not be a secret venue to local residents, but how many of us stop to take in how truly remarkable this awesome man-made lagoon and beach is? Located right in the city centre, this is a beautiful tropical oasis surrounded by high rises! The lagoon holds as much water as five Olympic swimming pools, there are 4,000 cubic metres of sand, which is topped up every year to keep it pristine, and there is even a surf club! All this, and you don’t even have to go to the coast!

streets beach southbank brisbane

Dularcha Rail Tunnel

This long disused rail tunnel hidden in the depths of the Dularcha National Park on the Sunshine Coast, is a creepy, historical structure dating back to 1891. Although no trains have passed through the tunnel since 1932, it is still regularly visited. A hiking path leads through the tunnel, making it a fun place for keen walkers to explore. Look out though, there are many local legends of ghost trains travelling the dark passageway, and it is also home to a colony of bats!

Old train tunnel walk sunshine coast

Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors

We’ve all heard of wax museums like Madame Tussauds, but what’s unusual about this wax museum on the Gold Coast? Well, not only is it the largest wax museum in the southern hemisphere, but it is also home to a grizzly chamber of horrors! From historical tortures to death warrants and shrunken heads, this is definitely for those seeking something a little different to peak their interest in the obscure and gory!

Big Avocado

We love our big things here in Australia, and there’s one not too far from Brisbane. it’s none other than the Big Avocado at Duranbah! Marking the entrance of the awesome Tropical Fruit World, this giant avocado is a great, fun sight to visit and grab a photo next to!

Tropical Fruit World

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