The Queensland Maritime Museum

The next time you are at Southbank you might notice the Queensland Maritime Museum at the southern end of the river. Staffed by volunteers, this Brisbane Treasure is an ideal and different outing for Brisbane Kids, offering the opportunity to explore all types of oceanic concepts and words.

The Brisbane Maritime Museum

Visitors are able to visit most parts of the ships on display, and experience living conditions on the Diamantina, a World War 2 naval vessel. You can also view a variety of exhibitions within the museum that portray the ship’s role and other naval memorabilia. The Engine Room is in pristine condition and is accessible to visitors.

The radio room is maintained in operating condition and is used regularly to participate in worldwide radio communication activities. On the quarterdeck, stand in the exact place where the Japanese garrisons on Nauru Island and Ocean Island signed surrender documents at the end of World War 2. She is one of only 2 surviving World War 2 veterans in the world upon which surrenders were signed. She is the only survivor of a class of some 140 ships which saw extensive and successful service as convoy escorts in the Atlantic.  The Diamantina is the largest World War 2 ship surviving in Australia.  Kids can even sit in the gunners posts and play with the guns! .Mariner’s Days for kids at the Queensland Maritime Museum

Mariner’s Days are held every school holidays at the Queensland Maritime Museum. These school holiday events are designed for kids aged from 8 to 12 years and allow kids to experience what it’s like to be a mariner without actually going to sea. Bookings are required.

Queensland Maritime Museum Admission Fees

There is a small admission fee to get into the Maritime Museum and you should check out their website before you go for entry details, including times of opening. The Queensland Maritime Museum is closed from 24th – 26th December annually, as well as Good Friday. Opening hours are also reduced on ANZAC Day each year.

Make a day of it over the Qld School Holidays? Catch some fun on the Brisbane River, pack a picnic and take advantage of the expanse of parklands that surround the Queensland Maritime Museum.

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