The Glenleighden School Special Needs School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School is a Special Needs School in Brisbane for children with Communication and Language Disorders.

Finding the best school for a child with Language Disorder can be a daunting task. The Glenleighden School is a unique Prep to Year 12 school supporting the 1 in 14 children and young people with disability for whom language is their primary disorder. The school is situated in Fig Tree Pocket, a leafy suburb of Brisbane, within walking distance of the local state school and close to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Glenleighden was established in 1979 and since opening its doors has supported more than 1000 students to FIND THEIR VOICE. Families continually relocate from interstate and overseas to enrol their children in our school due to its reputation for delivering exceptional education and therapy to our students.

Glenleighden celebrates individual uniqueness.

The Glenleighden School – Philosophy & Values

The school’s philosophy is that communication and learning disabilities must be viewed in the context of the whole child as a developing individual and that self-confidence, self-esteem and achievement in life come from a belief in one’s ability to recognise and overcome obstacles. Staff, families and students at The Glenleighden School promote this philosophy and have provided extensive support towards maintaining a caring and supportive environment.


The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School proudly offers all essential school facilities such as a well-resourced library and first class play equipment plus much, much more. Their Senior School students operate their own café on site serving delicious coffee and baked goods they make themselves.

Special Needs

The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary programs through a combination of teaching and therapy to prepare students with Language Disorders for the next stage of their educational journey.

Children and young people with Language Disorders are as able and healthy as other children. With one primary exception: they have great difficulty thinking about, understanding and using language. They are often as intelligent as any other child of their age, but they still have difficulties with speech and language.

A child with a Language Disorder will not develop speech and language skills in the typical way and more often than not, there is no obvious reason for this difficulty. This means a child with a Language Disorder can be creative and eager to learn, but struggle to understand the language used in the classroom. They may have lots of ideas, but find it hard to put sentences together to communicate what they are thinking.

Language Disorders look different in everyone and can be difficult to understand, because the exact cause is unknown. We do know the speech and language part of the brain develops differently to others and Language Disorders can run in families.

The Glenleighden School staff is a dedicated team comprised of the Principal, teachers, school assistants, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapist, psychologist, music therapist, school counsellor, school chaplain, administrative staff and maintenance officer.

Throughout the year evidence-based and practice-informed therapy intervention is embedded throughout the school day. This approach assists students with Language Disorders to develop their learning skills, allowing them to access the curriculum. Together, teachers and therapists deliver an integrated approach to learning by providing activities with underlying learning and therapy goals for each student.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School goes above and beyond to ensure their students day is exciting and engaging. They offer many sporting opportunities, including soccer, horse riding, basketball and gym. There are also many clubs to keep students busy such as Lego club, craft club, science club, library club and games club. Students go on camps and thoroughly enjoy competing on sports day and performing in the annual school concert. The school also offers social and educational programs for parents and carers which have included information seminars, Paget Gorman signed speech classes, sibling camps and fun activities such as painting, floristry and woodwork.

Enrolment at The Glenleighden School

The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden School provides a specialised program that is adjusted to meet the learning needs of children with a disability for whom language is the primary disorder. The criteria for a placement at The Glenleighden School are very specific. Places are allocated depending on class vacancies, availability of government funding and other factors.

On enquiry, the school’s Enrolments Team will talk through your child’s areas of strength and difficulty with reference to eligibility criteria. To hear more about the enrolment process and The Glenleighden School program, enquiries can be made by parents, educators and/or other professionals by phoning (07) 3378 8625 or emailing [email protected]


The Glenleighden School in Brisbane

The Glenleighden school are the only school catering to the needs of children with a primary Language Disorder in Australia. For almost 40 years this has been the school’s core focus and the parent testimonials speak for themselves.

“It is difficult to put into words the overwhelming joy of seeing your child who never fit in find a place in the world. The children in his class are also walking their own challenging paths, and so accept each other without question. Brendan is confident, he is learning, and most importantly, he is happy” – Sarah, Mother of Brendan.

“The moment we arrived at Glenleighden we felt relief. We were finally surrounded by professionals and parents who understand the full impacts of Language Disorder. There is no judgment, just acceptance and support.” – Len, father of Edison.

The Glenleighden School is located at 33 Cubberla Street, Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069.

To find out more, please visit The Glenleighden School website at, or visit them on Facebook at

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