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This is a general listing for the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), located at South Bank. We support this general listing another review that focuses on the toddler friendly activities at GOMA.

The Gallery of Modern Art is situated in the same precinct as the Queensland Museum, State Library and Art Gallery and has a children’s section that generally offers free interactive activities and fun for Brisbane Kids.

Make Art and Culture a Priority

Home to not only some of the best art pieces from modern artists that together you can talk about and question it also houses the Children’s Art Centre – a place dedicated to encouraging hands-on artistic fun for little ones.  In fact, GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery (two separate galleries that exist under the one umbrella) have a strong focus on encouraging children’s artistic involvement and frequently have initiatives and commissioned exhibitions created with children in mind.

Exhibitions vary and it is advisable to go to their website to check out what is on for Brisbane Kids now or check our calendar above using the menu. The Gallery of Modern Art is one of those amazing creative spaces that change not only with its exhibitions but also with the age and interests of your child.

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Is GOMA Child-Friendly?

GOMA generally has activities for kids that are free and the Gallery of Modern Art is well known for devoting space to a children’s section and playing host to some of the largest children’s Art Exhibitions in Australia. 

The Gallery of Modern Art also has regular main exhibitions that can be child-friendly. Their exhibitions often come with a fee for entry and require a higher level of supervision than in the children’s gallery. What that looks like will depend on the activity on offer, some are far more interactive than others. 

the gallery of modern art

Is the Gallery of Modern Art free?

The Gallery of Modern Art is free to enter but sometimes the main exhibitions do cost money- we list the paid exhibitions on the  Things to Do in Brisbane Calendar.

How do you get to GOMA?

The Gallery of Modern Art is located on Stanley Street, South Brisbane. It is near to Brisbane public transport options including the train or bus but you can also park underneath all day for $16. If you are a visitor to Brisbane then you might like to catch a CityCat and check out all that Brisbane has to offer via the river.

Are there places to eat around GOMA?

There is the odd cafe and Museum restaurant near GOMA but many people tend to head to nearby South Bank if they are grabbing a bite to eat. The Gallery of Modern Art is also surrounded by lush green lawns and provides the perfect opportunity for an outdoor picnic if you want to save a few dollars.

To discover what is on at the Gallery of Modern Art, head to their website here

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