The Desert Safari Tour & Sand Tobogganing at Tangalooma Island Resort

Sand tobogganing at Tangalooma

The Desert Safari Tour at Tangalooma is a budget friendly must-do for all visitors. This 1 ½ hour tour takes you on a short trip through the bush to the 100 acre Tangalooma Desert, where you can climb one of the highest sand dunes and toboggan back down. Whether you are game enough to attempt the sand tobogganing component of the tour or not, a visit to the Tangalooma Desert is a valuable and educational experience. Of course, the sand tobogganing is a major drawcard, with dare-devils reaching speeds of up to 40km per hour on their descent before repeatedly going back for more!

Our experience Sand Tobogganing at Tangalooma

Sand tobogganing at Tangalooma

Here’s a brief glimpse at our experience on the Desert Safari Tour and Sand Tobogganing at Tangalooma Island Resort –

The Desert Safari was our first chosen tour on our family holiday with Tangalooma Island Resort. The stunning Tangalooma desert features over two dozen colours of sand and massive dunes that are surrounded on all sides by dense bushland. The tour took us to the bottom of the tallest of these dunes (measuring 35 metres high) where we were instructed on proper sand tobogganing technique and safety. Our entertaining tour guide delivered the info in a fun but firm manner, detailing how important it really is to follow the instructions to ensure safety for every member of the tour group (nobody wants to be hit by a flying toboggan travelling at 40km/hr!).

The next part of the adventure involved a trek up the huge soft sand dune, which took around 5 minutes. We then took turns to jump on our toboggans to zoom back down to the base of the dune in around 10 seconds. As our tour group found, the climb up is definitely worth the adrenaline rush of the slide down. Many visitors repeated the experience several times in the period we were there, with the resort’s professional grabbing dozens of amazing action shots along the way.

We all enjoyed a lovely cold drink of water in the shade of the bus after the tobogganing (the Tangalooma Desert can get pretty hot, even in late April when we visited), while each group member had the opportunity to pose for some fun photos with the professional photographer before jumping back on the 4WD bus. Adrenaline rushes were abundant on the trip back to the resort; it was a sandy one, but one filled with excited chatter about the adventure we had just experienced.

Who can enjoy the Tangalooma Desert Safari Tour?

Sand tobogganing at Tangalooma

All ages will enjoy the Desert Safari Tour; marvelling at the bush scenery on the trip, and then at the sheer size of the Tangalooma Desert once the dunes are reached. You do need to be fairly fit to be able to climb the 35 metre sand dune—it’s very soft sand and a very steep incline, which makes it tough on the legs. Given the speeds that the sand toboggans can reach (up to 40km/hr), it is not recommended that younger children do this part of the tour. That said some may prefer to take up the option of doing the tobogganing from halfway down the dune, which is a far less daunting experience.

How much does the Desert Safari Tour and Sand Tobogganing cost at Tangalooma?

Sand tobogganing at Tangalooma

Miss 9 sand tobogganing

As at April 2019, the Desert Safari Tour costs $49 per adult, and $32 per child (please note that these prices are subject to change). This includes a full 1 ½ hour tour out to the Tangalooma Desert in a 4WD bus, the sand tobogganing experience (board and goggles included), and icy cold water for after your slide. The tour itself is well worth it, if only to hear more about the fascinating history of the island and the theory of how the Tangalooma Desert was created. Professional photo prints are also available for an additional cost (visit the Tangalooma Photo Shop to see your photos daily).

When can you go sand tobogganing at Tangalooma?

Sand tobogganing at Tangalooma

The Desert Safari and Sand Tobogganing Tour runs up to 4 times daily, depending on popularity and weather conditions. Unfortunately, wet weather makes sand tobogganing impossible and, in this case, the tour explores the western coastline of Moreton Island to take in the magnificent Tangalooma Wrecks.

Brisbane Kids thanks Tangalooma Island Resort for sponsoring our writer and her family on their holidays to the lovely Tangalooma Island Resort and Moreton Island. Costs were covered. All the opinions stated in this review are true, honest and genuine with the sole aim of providing enough information for families to make an informed decision about future holidays to this wonderful local leisure destination. 

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Tangalooma Island Resort is the perfect place for a Tropical Family Holiday, where you can experience once in a lifetime activities such as wild dolphin feeding and snorkeling the Tangalooma Wrecks.

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