The Best Modern Baby Shower Games

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Baby showers are a rite of passage for many first-time mothers and are filled with games, food, family, friends and well-meaning advice for the mother-to-be. The humble baby shower has evolved over the years, as has the games that are played at these events. Gone are the days of lame, mundane games, now it is all about fun, emojis and lots of laughs. 

Next time you host a baby shower liven up the party with these modern baby shower games.

Fun Baby Shower Games


Emoji Nursery Rhyme Game


The aim of the game is to guess the nursery rhyme by looking at a set of emojis. For example ????️ = Incy Wincy Spider. This printable game can be made ahead of time and passed out to guests on the day. Search the internet for a list or have fun making up your own.


Pin the Bellybutton on the Mumma


Think ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ but with a twist. Draw a picture of a pregnant lady (or blow up a photo of the mum-to-be) and invite guests to pin the bellybutton in the appropriate place. You can even get creative and use a variety of buttons as markers.

Guess the baby food

Buy a heap of different baby foods of different flavours and play guess the baby food flavour. a fun and disgusting party game

Celebrity Match

Match the weird celebrity baby name with the parent

Women taking part in game at baby shower party

Baby Shower Games with a physical challenge


Blindfolded Nappy Changing


Blindfold participants and have them compete against each other to change a doll nappy without the use of their sight (or a teddy bear if you want to use real nappies). (Why not make it even trickier by using cloth nappies!!)

Don’t Let My Waters Break

Give each guest a balloon filled with water and ask them to write their name on it.  Each person is then responsible for looking after their balloon for the rest of the baby shower, without it popping and water going everywhere. The person left with their ‘waters in tack’ at the end of the party is the winner. 


Bobbing for Nipples


Fill a bucket with water and place a few bottle teats/nipples into it and invite guests to bob for the teats using only their teeth. The winner will be the person who gets the most teats. 

My waters broke

Free jelly babies in some water/ice cubes- the first to free their baby from the ice yells “My water broke!” 



Build a Baby


Using plasticine or playdough, have party guests make a baby. Award prizes for the best, the worst or the most creative baby. 


Feeding Time


Blind fold one guest and have another wear a bib. The blindfolded guest must then feed a cup of apple sauce, yoghurt or custard to their partner. Put a time limit on the game and have more than one couple play at a time. The first couple to finish the contents of the cup wins.

Drink Up

Fill baby bottles with a liquid of your choice (water, juice, milk or something a little stronger) and have guests race against the clock to drink the contents of the bottle. The first person to finish their bottle is the winner. 

Size up

Give everyone a piece of wool and get them to guess how much wool they will need to get around mumma to be’s belly- the closest wins! 

Peg Game

Every guest is given a peg when they enter the shower. Whenever a guest hears someone else say “baby” they can take their peg. The person with the most pegs at the end of the party wins. 

Spit the dummy

The winner is whoever can spit the dummy the further-est

Game for suggestion of baby name on table at shower party

Keepsake Baby Shower Games

We love the modern baby shower games that focus on creating something memorable to treasure or look back on as the baby gets older. 

Baby Bucket List

Decorate a bucket and throughout the party ask guests to write down activities and ideas for the family to complete in bub’s first year to make it memorable. Ideas could include a family photography session, hand/footprints in plaster or on a canvas, a swim in the ocean, visit a zoo etc. 

Decorate an Outfit

Have available a variety of baby bibs, onesies and t-shirts for guests to decorate using fabric markers or iron-on decals. Make sure the clothing ranges in size so bub can grow into some of them. 

Baby book

Less a game and more a keepsake. Ask everyone to bring along a children’s book (this is also a great baby shower gift idea for the minimalist mummas to be). (It can be helpful to have an organiser facilitate this in a Facebook group to make sure there aren’t double-ups” At the party, get each guest to inscribe their book with wishes for the baby. 

Prediction Game

Give all the guests a card to write down what date they think the baby will be born along with what weight and length (you could also include the sex if that is unknown) 

Baby Shower Guest Book

Less a game and more memory-making. Provide a guest book with each page beginning with inspiration or a book theme- perhaps “wishes for you” or “my best life advice”. The book becomes a gift for baby. 

Guess the baby name

For parents who are yet to decide on the name and don’t know the sex of their baby, this game is both helpful and will make for a wonderful keepsake for baby. Provide 2 containers and some paper and get guests to drop their ideas in the boy or girl jar. 

Late-night nappies

This one only works with disposable nappies. Provide guests with some nappies and some sharpies and get them to write some late night messages on the nappies. Messages of encouragement and also funny messages to give parents a lift when they need it most. 

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Baby Shower prizes are less about the prize and more about the process so don’t stress on the prizes! Here are some of our best ideas

  • Bodywash
  • Lollies in a baby bottles
  • Just give everyone a party favour bag at the end
  • Candles/diffusers
  • Bath bombs
  • Lucky dip
  • Mini bottles of champagne
  • Costume jewellery
  • Nail polishes
  • Little jars of Nutella

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