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Katie Forsythe has a unique way of helping parents address their baby or young child’s sleep problems. Katie is different to other baby sleep consultants in Brisbane, as she believes that there is not only one way of dealing with issues regarding baby, toddler and young child sleep. Rather than apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sleep training, Katie spends time getting to know your family before developing a plan tailored especially for you.

Finally, Brisbane parents have access to an infant sleep specialist who understands that controlled crying is not for everyone and that attachment parenting may not be the best plan for your individual situation.

A baby and child sleep consultant suited to you

Located in Brisbane and servicing both Brisbane and Ipswich, The Baby Sleep Company offers a variety of services, depending on your current needs. Through first-hand experience, Katie understands what effect sleep deprivation can have on the entire family and wants you to be able to get a good night’s sleep as soon as possible. In-home consultations, overnight in-home sessions are all available to parents in need of a baby sleep consultant in the Brisbane and Ipswich area and and phone or Skype consultations can be done Australia-wide. During the course of a consultation, Katie will offer sympathetic, constructive and friendly advice to get your child’s sleep issues sorted.

Get a sleep specialist in your own home

Always compassionate and supportive, The Baby Sleep Company is here to help, not judge, sleep deprived parents all over Brisbane. Drawing on a wide range of techniques and methods, the Brisbane baby whisperer’s in-home consultations provide an efficient way to get results. These consultations give Katie a better opportunity to get to know the workings of your family and enable clearer understanding of methods suggested through face-to-face demonstrations. All in-home consultations also come with one month free email and phone support to reassure parents that they still have the backup they need to instil healthier sleeping habits.

The baby sleep whisperer in Brisbane who delivers results

The Baby Sleep Company delivers tangible, noticeable sleep training results for families of Brisbane Kids in a way that won’t push you way beyond your comfort zone or compromise the way you parent. Throughout your consultation, Katie will talk you through the pros and cons of the various methods she thinks would work in your case. She will also explicitly discuss how long each method is likely to take, thus giving you a realistic outlook on how to best attain your baby sleeping goals.

Sleep deprivation will fast become a distant memory after consulting the baby sleep consultant Brisbane parents rave about. Check out some of Katie’s client testimonials here –

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Call Katie Forsythe at The Baby Sleep Company today and look forward to not only a good night’s sleep, but a happy, harmonious and well-rested family too.

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