The Animals You Will Meet At the Ekka


When we think of the Ekka, we often think of rides and showbags, sideshow alley and Dagwood Dogs. Yet the Ekka is at heart an agricultural show, showcasing around 10,000 beautiful animals every year.

Seeing all the animals at the Ekka is a highlight for any child or adult alike. From the cute and cuddly baby farmyard animals, to the majestic thoroughbred show horses, the Royal Queensland Show is an animal-lovers paradise! Here you can pet a lamb, watch a baby chick hatch from an egg, feed a calf, or even milk a cow. There are pets and poultry, alpacas and fine prize cows on display. Plus, with hands-on experiences, animal exhibits, shows and competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Ekka!

There are so many animals to see at this year’s Royal Queensland Show that we’ve put together this guide. It will show you where to find all the Ekka animals to make sure you don’t miss out on meeting any furry or feathered friends!

Animal Boulevard

The first stop for seeing animals at the Ekka is the Animal Boulevard, which is a row of separate pavilions that feature all sorts of animals and exhibits. There is the Dog Pavilion and Judging, Horse Expo, Legendairy Milking Barn, and the RACQ Animal Nursery. In this area, you can get up close and personal with hundreds of animals, see demonstrations of traditional farm and bush skills, and enjoy the range of interesting interactive displays.

Show dog

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Dog Pavilion and Judging

In the Dog Pavilion, you can see cute puppies as well as adult dogs of so many different breeds; all waiting to be judged in the Canine Competition. You’ll find utility dogs, gundogs, non-sporting dogs, hound dogs, working dogs and the uber cute toy dogs in the new Toy Dog Feature Show.

For more doggy fun, head to the rings to see the handlers showing their dogs performance, as well as agility, dances with dogs, rally obedience and jumping!


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Horse Expo

At the Horse Expo, you can see all the breeds on display, from appaloosas and Australian draught horses to beautiful thoroughbreds. You can also chat to the breeders and watch demonstrations of the breeds.


Legendairy Milking Barn

Head to the Legendairy Milking Barn to see the wonderful dairy cows and have your chance to milk a cow! There are also milking and butter- and cream-making demonstrations throughout the day.

Animal feeding

RACQ Animal Nursery

The RACQ Animal Nursery is a must-visit attraction at the Ekka. Home to hundreds of cute and cuddly baby farmyard animals, it is a firm family favourite.

At the RACQ Animal Nursery, you can meet:

  • Goats and kids
  • Lambs
  • Calves
  • Turkeys
  • Ducklings
  • Chicks
  • Donkeys
  • Piglets

You can also see baby chicks hatching from eggs in a special incubator, have the chance to pat a pig, or cradle a chick, and see sheep shearing demonstrations in the Shearing Shed.

Holding chicks

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Poultry Pavilion

At the Poultry Pavilion, you can see all sorts of feathered friends on display, with poultry and pigeons, as well as a colourful mix of birds, including canaries, quails and doves.

Cats and Fish

There will be over 40 breeds of cats and kittens on display at this year’s Ekka. There will even be an adorable Kitten Feature Show on Sunday 16th August 2016.

You can also see a whole array of fish on display, from common varieties to tropical fish, to crustaceans and amphibians!

Sheep dog trials

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Animal Events

The huge variety of horse events at the Royal Queensland Show are always popular with visitors, and include everything from hacks to showjumping. Kids can even have a pony ride themselves at the Kids Carnival Area.

You can also watch the sheepdog trials and see the stunning cattle being paraded, judged and displayed in the main arena.


Animal safety at the Ekka

Please remind kids to always treat animals with care and caution. This Ekka guide is handy for ways to stay safe around animals.

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Ekka Memories

We asked a group of Brisbane Kids what they love most about the Ekka. This is what they had to say –

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