Teeth Cleaning App for Kids | Review of Macleans Nurdle

teeth cleaning app for kids

Macleans are known for being one of the leaders in tooth and gum care, with their extensive range of dental care products, so it was only a matter of time they took to the digital world with a phone App.

The Macleans Nurdle Time app is available in the iTunes Store to download free of charge and is the perfect tool for parents battling with their kids when the time comes to brush their teeth. The Nurdle Time app is the perfect way to make brushing time fun, with a catchy song, a timer and a rewards system to encourage the building of healthy brushing routines.


Does the app really help kids clean their teeth?

The Macleans Nurdles Time app allows you to create up to five profiles before you start so you can create one for each of your kids (or yourself if you need a bit of fun in your tooth brushing routine). At brushing time you choose the profile and start brushing time. The Nurdle character appears in an animated song, encouraging good teeth brushing habits, reminding to change positions and get the different areas of the mouth.

A reward based teeth cleaning app

The song goes for two minutes, aiming for kids to brush the recommended time frame. Once they finish, even if less than the two minutes, star points are rewarded for their effort. These points can be used to purchase clothing and accessory items from the Nurdle store to dress up the Nurdle character. This works as an extra incentive to get kids brushing, giving them something fun to do after they finish brushing and keeping them coming back for more brushing time.

There is an option to select ‘Family Time’ on the profile screen before brushing time, allowing you to select up to 3 family members at once to brush together. This is a great option for getting the kids, or yourself involved in a group routine each morning and night and allows individual points to be rewarded for brushing.


Will it work

The Macleans Nurdle Time App is a great way to get kids excited about brushing their teeth by adding some fun. The song is catchy and easy to learn, giving helpful hints and reminders as they brush. The star points also work in the same way a rewards chart would, giving them further incentive to brush twice a day without complaint. Dressing up the Nurdle character is entertaining, letting them personalise to their hearts content.

We tried it on a 2 year old

With just a 2 year old to trial the App on, it was effective in having her brush without the usual attempts to coax her. She enjoyed dancing along to the song and adored being able to choose new clothing and accessories for her character each day. The two minutes could be a struggle at times, which makes it great that points are still rewarded even for shorter time frames. Overall, the Macleans Nurdle Time App is a fun and effective way to have kids brushing, reducing the usual struggle that can sometimes come with this chore like routine. It is great for younger kids as it is easy to use and gives the reminders they need to build healthy habits, with the added bonus of being free and on hand easily in the App format.

Download the app via the app store or via google play.

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