Tea Light Snowman Ornament

snowman tealight with lit nose

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to partake in festive art and craft activities with your Brisbane Kids. These simple, yet very effective, tea light snowman ornaments can be made and hung on the Christmas Tree or given as gifts to loved ones. Watch the children’s faces light up each night as they turn on the ornaments and see the Snowman’s nose glow.

Whilst this activity is better suited to older children, little ones can still be involved by choosing the ribbon, pom poms and pipe cleaners, and using their imagination to name their snowman!

What You Need

scissors and other craft materials.

  • Battery Operated Tea Light Candles*
  • Permanent Marker (black)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small Pom Poms
  • Glue (hot glue gun or other strong glue)
  • Ribbon (thin and thick)
  • Scissors
  • Optional craft items (cardboard, felt, sequins, glitter)

*LED tea lights candles can be purchased from hardware or discounts stores

Tea Light Snowman Instructions

  1. Using a permanent marker draw eyes and mouth onto the candle.
  2. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner (approx. 5cm) for the top part of the earmuffs and glue into place
  3. Glue two small pom poms at either end of the pipe cleaner
  4. For the scarf, cut a piece of ribbon (approx. 12cm). Crossover and affix with a dab of glue.
  5. Attach the ribbon (aka scarf) to the back of the candle with a small dab of glue.
  6. Place another small ribbon under the pipe cleaner and tie a knot in it, so you can hang it.


Be as creative as you like. Instead of ear muffs, give the snowman a top hat by cutting out black felt or cardboard in the shape of a hat and gluing on. As there is no pipe cleaner to tie the ribbon to, affix the ribbon with glue directly to the candle.

3 tealight snowmen decorations

Alternative Uses

  • Stick a magnet on the back and put it on the fridge.
  • Glue a pin on the back and use as a brooch.

Safety Note: Battery-operated tea light candles generally are powered by button batteries. Please exercise extreme caution when handling these batteries around young children. As an added safety measure tape over the battery cover or if you are overly concerned simply leave out the batteries altogether.

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