Tangalooma Resort welcomes a new baby dolphin!

baby dolphin at tangalooma

The wild dolphin, Silhouette, has birthed a healthy calf in Tangalooma one year after losing her first offspring. Reasons for the first calf’s death are not known.

Silhouette, now a mature 10 years old, was in rough water with her baby. Ranger Susan Hassard expressed much joy over the new little one and could see how the mum was acting in very protective way toward the calf.

Hassard noted that Silhouette has bonded to her baby and kept the calf away from other dolphins. The calf is the first of 4th generation dolphins brought into the wild dolphin family in Tangalooma, Queensland, Australia.

Silhouette’s mum was Shadow. Her mum was Beauty, who was the first dolphin in Tangalooma to be in the resort’s dolphin provisional feeding program begun in 1992. Hassard elaborated that the new baby has a great bloodline and looks as though it’s a fighter and will thrive.

The north-westerly winds were very strong at the time of the birth, but the calf was well able to navigate the choppy water and keep pace with its mother. This was not, however, the easiest way to begin life here in the ocean.

The brand new calf joins the wild dolphin family which now numbers 10 animals. They come to shore every evening and are fed by the people who are staying at the Tangalooma Island Resort.

Any one who wishes to play a part in the young life of this new dolphin may submit a name by visiting the resort website: www.tangalooma.com.


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