Lakes and Dams That You Can Swim In Around Brisbane

Swimming dams

Brisbane is full of family-friendly recreation areas, parks and natural swimming locations. An alternative option during the hot weather, and something that Queensland is well-known for, is its collection of swimming dams – dams that you can swim in that are approved for recreation and some water sports.

There are restrictions on which dams allow swimming, and, depending on weather conditions, capacity and other factors, this can change. It is therefore recommended that you double check for restrictions before swimming in any public body of water. That said, the following are some of the dams around Brisbane that do generally allow swimming.

Wivenhoe Dam

Wivenhoe Dam, located approximately one hour north-west of Brisbane, past Fernvale, offers a range of recreational options for the whole family. Aside from swimming, kayaking, canoeing, there is also expansive picnic areas and playgrounds.

Somerset Dam

Somerset Dam

Located near Kilcoy, Somerset Dam is another great place for a swim, as well as other water sports and fishing. There are also camping facilities for an extended stay.

Moogerah Dam (AKA Lake Moogerah)

Moogerah Dam is located on Reynolds Creek and is a popular spot for families for swimming and water sports. Public access is via Mt Edwards National Park.

Atkinson Dam

In the Gatton region, west of Brisbane, Atkinson Dam boasts all the swimming and water sport options of the other dams in the areas, as well as promoting recreational swimming with a wide range of fish life.

Maroon Dam 2

Maroon Dam

Located approximately an hour from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, near Boonah, Maroon Dam with the popular Maroon Lake offers a variety of water based activities, including swimming, kayaking, fishing and water skiing. Day passes can be purchased from the Lake Maroon Holiday Park to utilise their range of facilities to make for a more enjoyable day trip experience. As such, Lake Maroon is typically less populated than many other Brisbane dams.

Hinze Dam

With a wide range of recreational activities possible, from swimming to other water sports, walking and riding trails for bikes and horses, as well as plenty of picnic and BBQ spots, the Hinze Dam is a great alternative to the beach on the Gold Coast. check the Hinze dam report before going and check for signs. you will not be able to swim if there are algae blooms

Lake Dyer

With water flowing into Lake Dyer from the Bill Gunn Dam, located near Laidley, Lake Dyer is suitable for swimming, boating and fishing, as well as both water and jet skiing.

Enoggera Reservoir

Enoggera Reservoir (AKA Enoggera Dam)

With the option of swimming and other recreational water activities, Enoggera Reservoir, in the Gap, is also popular for surrounding walking and biking tracks, making it popular all year round. Read our full review of Enoggera Reservoir here.

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For more detailed information on the dams near Brisbane, please check out the South East Queensland water website, which offers extensive information about each of the dams, including approved activities. Also, be sure to check out the safety tips for swimming in dams, lakes and creeks on the Queensland Government website.


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