Summer Bucket List

waterplay fun

I know in my home it’s a challenge to keep my kids away from the ipads, tv’s, wiis, playstations blah blah blah. . What if you work from home and the holidays represents the ultimate challenge like it does for me? This list is for all of you and for me and for everyone else who is looking to make the most out of the Australian Summer holidays.

1. Buy 20 balloons, blow them up. Here are 28 ways to play with balloons

2. Create a slip and slide from plastic and detergent

3. Blow bubbles

4. Pick and Press Flowers in a book with a brick on top

5. Fold origami for the Christmas table centrepiece.

6. Fly a Kite

7. Make an outdoor tent/cubby/fort/teepee/wigwam (how cool is that word! <<<) See below a no sew teepee from

no sew teepee

8. Play Hide and Seek

9. Have an outdoor picnic

10. Make your own iceblocks using plastic cups

11. Draw with sidewalk chalk

sidewalk chalk

12. Make some outdoor DIY waterplay fun

13. Stargaze using constellation apps like

14. Go geocaching – We have a guide to Geocaching in Brisbane < here

15. Make a bird feeder

16. Go to the beach

17. Make your own slime

18. Make lemonade

19. Create some pet rocks

20. Create some family rules on a big canvas

21. Make some Christmas Cards

22. Paint some Christmas wrapping paper

23. Get the kids to plan and help them to make dinner

24. Have a DIY pizza night

25. Design an obstacle course

26. Make a scavenger hunt

27. Play hide and seek

28. Write letters or paint pictures for an elderly relative and send it in the post

29. Get the kids to help you bake something for the neighbours

30. Play Lego

31. Read books outdoors on a picnic rug

32. Host a play date

33.  Make some potato stamps

34. Make paper planes and have competitions on height and distance

35. Dance in the rain to some loud music

36. Bake some biscuits for the local firestation or police station

37. Wash the car with lots of bubbles

38. play Simon says

39. Camp in the backyard

40. Find a new favourite playground

41. Find a new creek in Brisbane to play in

42. Take a nature hike

43. Gather up old toys after christmas for donation

44. Make puppets from old socks and have a puppet show

45. Play a sport in a local park like soccer or frisbee

46. Go to a movie

47. See a play

48. Have a movie night

49. Make a friendship bracelet

50. Visit the museum

51. Have a bbq where the kids make the marinade for the meat

52. Head to the airport to check out the planes

Where to go plane spotting in Brisbane

53. Watch a sunrise

54. Build a sandcastle but plan ahead bringing lots of nature related embellishments like flowers and sticks

55. Go to some antique stores or trash and treasure with the kids

56. Visit the botanic gardens

57. Go to a local aquatic centre

58. Go to a drive in

59. Visit a beach late afternoon just to have fish and chips and icecream by the sea

60.Go on a road trip

Whatever you do remember the Summer is short and memories are long so make the most of the time you have with your kids. It’s okay if you don’t get to enjoy the holidays with your kids, you can still enjoy the moments, ALL the moments with these 100 ideas for living in the moment with your kids.



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