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How do you keep up with creating that magic and finding gifts for kids that are both useful and exciting? I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t NEED anything, so I went in search of something that would actually be used and not just add to the clutter in our home. That’s when I discovered subscription gifts! From magazines and stationery to treats from around the world and even science kits, there are a huge variety of subscriptions on offer for kids.

Why Kids Love Subscription Gifts

What better way to keep the surprises coming than giving the kids a subscription gift? Subscriptions extend the gifting well beyond Christmas or Birthdays, so there isn’t an overwhelming pile of gifts on the day that often gets forgotten about. An awesome bonus of subscriptions, (similar to a membership) is something that kids rarely get to enjoy these days—receiving their very own mail!

Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Magazine subscriptions are available as physical deliveries to their letterbox (check out iSubscribe), as well as digital deliveries straight to their email (take a look at Zinio) –

Magazines for Pre-schoolers

  • National Geographic Little Kids (3-6 years)
  • Just Kidding Junior (3-6 years)
  • Little Angel (4-10 years)

kids science magazine subscription

Magazines for Kids

  • National Geographic (6-14 years)
  • Total Girl (6-13 years)
  • K-Zone (6-13 years)
  • Kookie (7-12 years)
  • Just Kidding (7-13 years)
  • IT Girl (7-13 years)

Aquila magazine page

Aquila Magazine

Magazines for Tweens & Teens

  • Aquila Magazine (8-13 years) (featured image above) you need to order via their website in the UK, so expect postage delays
  • KRASH (8-12 years)
  • Double Helix (8-14 years)
  • Teen Breathe (9-18 years)
  • MAD Magazine (10+ years)

teen breathe magazine

Art and Craft Subscriptions for Kids

If your Brisbane Kid loves to create, then art and craft subscriptions are perfect! These subscriptions usually contain all the materials needed to complete an art project, as well as easy-to-follow instructions –

  • My Creative Box – Aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, My Creative Boxes contain all the materials your child will need to produce a themed masterpiece.
  • Peeky Me – Creative packs that include high-quality materials for multiple craft activities focused on various themes each month.
  • CreativKits – Age-aware, localised and diverse projects for kids and families, with options including art, art & science, science & engineering and family kits.

craft subscription items

Sticker and Stationery Subscriptions

Fulfil their cute sticker and stationery obsession with a regular delivery of international and local products that they won’t find anywhere else –

  • StickyBoo – Awe-inspiring stickers created by an amazing line-up of artists and designers from around the world.
  • The Paper Club – Monthly subscription boxes designed and curated by stationery addicts for stationery addicts.
  • Pipsticks – Gorgeous stickers galore, delivered to your letterbox once a month. (International delivery, so expect delays)

desk with stationery

Education and STEM Subscriptions

Subscription boxes can be both educational and fun, and these STEM boxes are perfect for Brisbane Kids who harbour a love of investigating, problem-solving and building –

  • Brickbox – Authentic BRICK sets, Minifigures, accessories and much more delivered monthly to your door.
  • InquiBox – STEM activity boxes containing activities, experiments and games.
  • Kiwico – Science and art project kits to inspire creativity and develop problem-solving skills. (International delivery, so expect delays)
  • Little Passports – Monthly packages designed to spark an interest in the world and other cultures. (International delivery, so expect delays)

stem subscription boxes

Gaming and Pop Culture Subscriptions

Whether it’s an online game or a movie series your Brisbane Kids are addicted to, these pop culture subscriptions include rare and cool products they’ll love –

  • My Geek Box – Limited edition Pops, official or exclusive t-shirts, and many more premium geeky collectibles.
  • Zavvi – The ZBOX is a monthly themed box, filled to the brim with memorabilia from your favorite film, TV, and gaming franchises.
  • Yume Twins – Kawaii subscription box including stationery, plushies and other Japanese culture products. 
  • (International delivery, so expect delays)
  • Loot Crate – Hand-picked, awesome geek and gamer products, including exclusive collectibles, apparel, and gear delivered to your door. (International delivery, so expect delays)

Pop Culture Subscription Box

Food Subscriptions

These snacks and treats from around the world are not only yum, but provide an educational experience about other countries and cultures –

  • Japan Crate – Sweets from Japan delivered monthly. (International delivery, so expect delays)
  • MunchPak – Treats from around the world, with options for healthy snacks or a mix of both. (International delivery, so expect delays)
  • Universal Yums – Each monthly box includes different sweet and savoury treats to try from a different country. There’s also an educational booklet to extend the learning. (International delivery, so expect delays)

Mochi japanese dessert patties soybeans of delicious

Subscription boxes for kids really are the gifts that keep on giving—just be sure to get in early to secure a pre-Christmas delivery, or give yourself plenty of time pre birthday, or you could even create your own ‘gift voucher’ to let them know about the exciting things to come!

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