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down under submarine in the ocean

How would you like to have your very own submarine experience on the Sunshine Coast? Now you can thanks to the world first fully submersible hybrid tourist submarine operating at Mooloolaba. 

Down Under Submarines has opened for tours in Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and tours are family-friendly, with children over two years’ old permitted, when accompanied by an adult.

What makes the SUBCAT-30 so unique is it is a hybrid vessel, meaning it can both dive underwater and travel on top of the water’s surface like a catamaran.

Visitors will be given the opportunity to experience both, with dive experiences and sunset cruises available in the pristine waters off Mooloolaba.

Submarine experience – What to expect

sunshine coast submarine

Down Under Submarine Director Andrey Alexeenko said the first dive tour will take visitors up to 18m below the surface in the waters off Mooloolaba, 1.5 nautical miles out from Point Cartwright.

“As well as the marine life you can spot out the window, travelling in the nearly 20m long submarine is an experience in itself,” Mr Alexeenko explained. “It’s a one-of-a-kind submarine which has a special hull above the water so passengers can get that experience of both submersion and refloating. “That’s the difference, and it really gives you that adrenalin rush when you see you’re starting to submerge.”

A real life yellow submarine! 

submarine experience sunshine coast

The SUBCAT-30 – painted a very apt shade of yellow – is also sustainable as it is powered by six battery operated electric thrusters that produce zero emissions while submerged.

The interior design is similar to that of a plane cabin, with 14 circular windows offering visibility of up to 30m underwater and video monitors providing real-time footage of the ocean around you from the four cameras located on the sub’s exterior.

During the dive experience an onboard guide provides commentary about the submarine and surrounding marine life.

The submarine also has an external deck, and on the Yellow Submarine Cruise travellers will be able to walk between the submarine’s exterior and interior cabin.

Underwater the SUBCAT-30 travels at around 2km/h and is extraordinarily maneuverable to ensure it never comes into contact with coral reefs or marine life.

How long is the submarine dive?

inside the downunder submarine

The Submarine Dive Experience will have a dive time of around 30 minutes plus 20 minutes surface travel, while the ‘Yellow Submarine Cruise’ will go for an hour at sunset just outside Mooloolaba’s main beach or along sheltered canals, depending on the weather conditions.

The Submarine Dive Experience costs $253 for adults and the Yellow Submarine Cruise $55 for adults, with a 20% discount offered for the first 100 purchases.

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